Summary Report: Syrian Women's NGOs and Geneva II

This research report provides an overview of the current situation of women's non-governmental organisations throughout Syria. Research focused on groups active in areas where opposition actors hold power, although many women’s groups make it clear that they are politically neutral and some operate in regime-controlled areas. The report explores their views on, and identifies opportunities for engagement with, the upcoming Geneva II conference and the Syrian peace process. Information for the report was collected in November and December 2013 and updated following developments in January 2014. Integrity collected, analysed and interpreted data gathered primarily through semi-structured interviews with 37 research participants. These included representatives from grassroots and umbrella women’s organisations, civil society, and human rights organisations inside Syria and around the region.

Integrity Research And Consultancy
Publishing Date: 
Wednesday, 1 January 2014
Resource Type: 
Studies and Reports
Democracy, Citizenship & Civic Rights, Civil Society Development, Conflict Resolution