Call for proposal for Young Women Leadership Curriculum Development


 INJAZ Lebanon is a non-profit organization, an affiliate of Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, with a mission to equip youth with the skills and mindset they need to become entrepreneurs and business leaders stimulating their communities. It is also a member of INJAZ Al-Arab, a regional network of 14 countries across the MENA region. INJAZ Lebanon delivers programs in partnership with the business sector focusing on entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy.


INJAZ Lebanon, a youth-centric organization committed to fostering entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness, is seeking proposals for curriculum development for the Young Women Leaders track within our Catalyst program. This initiative is designed to empower and inspire young women in seven municipality communities in North Lebanon, focusing on leadership, communication, and facilitation skills.


The primary goal of the Young Women Leaders track is to showcase and enhance the leadership potential of young women in North Lebanon & equip them with the necessary communication skills to actively engage as panelists, facilitators, moderators, and participants in various workshops, conferences, and events in the region.

Curriculum Development Focus

The selected candidate or organization is expected to create a dynamic and engaging curriculum tailored to the unique needs of the program's participants. The curriculum should incorporate:

Experiential Learning: Develop sessions that provide hands-on experiences, leadership simulations, decision-making exercises, and problem-solving scenarios.

Inspirational Examples: Integrate real-life success stories and examples of young women who have excelled in diverse fields, emphasizing that each participant is successful in her own way.

Challenges and Practical Tools: Address real-world challenges faced by young women and provide practical tools and exercises to overcome them, fostering problem-solving skills.

Customization: Tailor the curriculum to the specific needs of the program and the diverse backgrounds of the young women participants, ensuring relevance and inclusivity.

Usage of the Curriculum

The developed curriculum will be utilized in two key areas:

Leadership Workshops: Engage young women in dynamic sessions featuring leadership simulations, decision-making exercises, and problem-solving scenarios to nurture essential leadership competencies.

Facilitation Workshops: Provide training to enhance young women's public speaking skills, presentation techniques, moderation, and facilitation skills.


The selected expert will be responsible for the following deliverables

Curriculum Development:

  • Develop a curriculum that aligns with the Young Women Leaders objectives.

Training Material:

  • Develop PowerPoint presentations, handouts, guidebooks, and working manuals as needed.
  • Ensure that the material is suitable for both trainers and participating youth.

Trainer Guide:

  • Develop a comprehensive Trainer Guide for use in Training of Trainers sessions.

Bilingual Material:

  • Provide all materials in both English and Arabic.

Branding Compliance:

  • Adhere to the branding guidelines of the CATALYST Program.

Ownership Transfer:

  • All developed curriculum and content will become the property of the CATALYST Green Program.

How to apply

Interested Curriculum Developers with a strong background in circular economy education and an understanding of the Lebanese context are invited to submit their proposals by January 04, 2024 no later than 5:00 pm via email attention Mr. Firas El Issrawi ([email protected] ), Senior Procurement & Admin Officer. Please mention in the subject line the following: RFP-CLST-IL-0003 Circular Curriculum Development. Quotations that are received by INJAZ Lebanon after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation.

The proposal should include a portfolio showcasing relevant work, a brief cover letter, and a detailed breakdown of the estimated timeline for each deliverable.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the development of dynamic and empowering educational content for the Young Women Leaders track in our Catalyst program.

Please refer to the related documents to check the terms of reference.

Thursday, 04. Jan 2024
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Call for Proposals
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