RFQ#: UNIHOP 0043 /2023 -Daleel Madani - Transportation

Dear Sir,

You are invited to submit a quotation for supplying Transportation Coverage as per the following:

Number of items & Locations from point A to Point B & Vise Versa with radius around 10 to 15 KM:


Number of items & Locations :

First :


  • Beirut around 102 Kids per week = around 408 Kids per month = 1224 Kids for 3 months (from June 2024 till August ,2024)
  • Mount Lebanon around 102 Kids per week = around 408 Kids per month = 1224 Kids for 3 months(from September,2024 till  November,2024)
  • Tripoli around 102 Kids per week = around 408 Kids per month = 1224 Kids for 3 months(from September,2024 till  November,2024)
  • Akkar around 102 Kids per week = around 408 Kids per month = 1224 Kids for 3 months(from June 2024 till August ,2024).



Delivery Terms : Weekly basis and per region

Price : including VAT


Noting That:

  1. Price should be in USD currency
  2. Whether your quote are inclusive or exclusive of VAT, if not otherwise stated, we will assume your quotes are inclusive of VAT.
  3. Payment terms.
  4. Quotation must be signed by an official authorized to bind the offer.
  5. Quotation expiry date.
  6. Quotation should be submitted in a sealed envelope or Scanned by email to the attention of the undersigned within the period indicated above.
  7. Quotation should clearly mention the RFQ number

How to apply


The offer and this document shall be signed and presented to the HOOPS Office,

not after 27 May 2024 at the following address:

Hoops Club, Beirut, New Airport High way, Near Fantasy World, Ground floor

The offer can be also provided by mail [email protected] /  all the documentation in hardcopy have to be sent to HOOPS Offices.

Information on the single quote procedure can be obtained from HOOPS Office, address. Telephone: 00961-1-454597

General Conditions

Terms of Payment

The offered prices must be DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) and must be inclusive of any other costs (packaging, transportation, insurance …) to the final destination.

The total offer price shall be shown in USD.

Payments shall be made in USD.

The payments shall be made as follows:

a) Monthly after supplier’s delivery note and invoice, following Hoops acceptance of goods.

Terms and Method of Delivery

All the items to be delivered to Locations Specified in the Purchase Order .

Warranty Obligations

The Supplier shall warrant that the goods are new, unused, of the most recent models and incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials, unless otherwise provided in the contract. The Supplier shall be responsible for making good any defect in, or damage to, any part of the goods which may appear or occur during the warranty period and which:

a) results from the use of defective materials, faulty workmanship or design of the Supplier; or

b) results from any act or omission of the Supplier during the warranty period; or

c) appears unfit in the course of an inspection made by, or on behalf of, HOOPS.

The Supplier shall at his own cost make good the defect or damage as soon as possible and practicable.

Applicable Law and settlement of disputes

The agreement shall in all respects be construed and interpreted in accordance with the Lebanese Law.

The Parties shall make every effort to settle amicably any dispute that may arise between them. Once a dispute has arisen, the Parties shall notify each other in writing of their positions on the dispute and any solution that they consider possible.  If the amicable dispute-settlement procedure fails, the Parties will submit to the Beirut Court, provided however that the Contracting Authority at its own discretion, may elect to waive the competence of the Lebanese law and the Beirut Court to bring an action against the Contractor before any court of competent jurisdiction, in the domicile of the Contractor itself, the applicable law being the law of the Country of the buyer’s domicile.


We look forward to receiving your response.

Deadline : 27/05/2024


Sincerely yours,


Hoops Club

Title    : Procurement Department

Tel       : 01-454597                                                                           

Monday, 27. May 2024
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