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Therese Roumieh
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She Leads program coordinator
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About Dar Al Amal (DAA)

Dar Al Amal envisions a society where every child and woman is empowered to thrive, free from the constraints of poverty, violence, and discrimination. Our mission is to safeguard the rights of children and women, particularly those who are most vulnerable and marginalized. At DAA, we embrace a holistic approach that extends beyond individual support to encompass their families and communities, recognizing that societal transformation begins with grassroots empowerment. We focus on empowering young girls and women facing various forms of adversity, including violence, exploitation, and legal conflicts. Our rights-based approach ensures that every individual is treated with acceptance, respect for their autonomy, and utmost confidentiality. By addressing the root causes of their challenges, we aim to improve their overall quality of life and foster sustainable change. At DAA, we offer a comprehensive array of services designed to meet the diverse needs of our beneficiaries. Our multidisciplinary team fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where individuals feel valued, heard, and empowered to pursue their aspirations. Through community engagement and awareness-raising initiatives, we strive to create a more inclusive and compassionate society where every individual can realize their full potential.

She Leads program Summary

The She Leads project is a 5-year project, which is a joint strategic partnership between Plan International Netherlands, Defence for Children – ECPAT Netherlands (DCI-ECPAT), African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), and Terre des Hommes Netherlands (TdH-NL). She Leads brings together child rights organizations, feminist/women’s rights organizations, and groups led by girls and young women (GYW-led groups) and aims to increase sustained influence of girls and young women (GYW) on decision-making and the transformation of gender norms in formal and informal institutions. It’s implemented in East and West Africa in Lebanon & Jordan.

In Lebanon, the "She Leads" program consists of Plan International Lebanon, Defense for Children International Lebanon (DCI), Dar Al Amal (DAA) and Terre des Hommes Italy in partnership with its partner Amel Association (implementing for Plan International Lebanon), and KAFA (implementing for Terre des Hommes Italy), and work in South Lebanon, Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Tripoli.

 It is designed to empower girls and young women (GYW) through advocacy, capacity building, and community engagement to foster gender equality. The program seeks to create an enabling environment for Girls & Young Women (GYW) to advocate for their rights, participate in societal change, and challenge discriminatory norms and practices.

The She Leads National Coalition aims to promote gender equality and empower girls and young women in Lebanon. It is a collective effort that brings together young activists and organizations to work on advocacy and policy change. The coalition focuses on breaking down barriers to gender equality at all societal levels, encouraging the active participation of young women in decision-making processes, and strengthening their influence both nationally and internationally. It involves members from diverse backgrounds, aged 16 to 26, who contribute to a unified advocacy plan tailored to local contexts, aiming for inclusive representation and impactful policy interventions across Lebanon.

The coalition consists of 22 girls and young women who are members of the GYW core groups established by the consortium partners. They are actively advocating for causes they have chosen within their communities and have participated in various activities within the She Leads project, including attending training on basic advocacy and communication concepts, gender-based violence, safeguarding and the legal and social frameworks for violence against women

The She Leads National Coalition is launching an advocacy campaign to address the urgent need for a clearer, more comprehensive definition of sexual harassment in Lebanon's Law No. 205. This initiative aims to ensure effective enforcement and understanding of the law, thereby providing robust protection for victims and holding perpetrators accountable. By focusing on eliminating ambiguity in the legal language, the coalition seeks to foster a safer environment for all, especially girls and women in Lebanon, and reinforce that sexual harassment in any form is unacceptable.

Overall objective of the recap video

The primary objective is to produce a comprehensive recap video with a duration of 4 minutes. This recap video will meticulously highlight the different stages of our campaign, covering the planning, implementation, monitoring, and dissemination phases in detail.

As per the action plan the activities that the national coalition will be conducting are:

  • The round table taking place in July
  • The advocacy meeting taking place in September
  • The capacity building sessions taking place between June and September
  • The community-based initiatives taking place between Nov and December

The community initiatives events will be organized outdoors by the GYW in the presence of community members, including families and children

The round table: closed events delivered by the GYW to stakeholders like MPs, etc.

Key Elements:

Interviews: Deep, candid interviews with team members to capture their personal reflections and stories.

Achievements: Highlighting specific accomplishments, innovations, and contributions of individual members that led to the success of the campaign.

Impact Stories: Testimonials throughout the various activities and mainly the community-based initiative.

Visual and Audio Elements:

High-Quality Footage: Professional filming of all stages, including behind-the-scenes footage to give an authentic look at the campaign process.

Graphics and Animations: Use of Over-the-Shoulder Graphics.

Voice over: A cohesive voice over to guide viewers through the different phases, providing context and connecting the various segments seamlessly: who can be one of the youth

Subtitles and music


The recap video will culminate with a powerful conclusion that not only recaps the campaign’s journey and impact but also inspires and educates viewers about the importance of such initiatives. It will leave a lasting impression by highlighting the dedication and achievements of the core group members, reinforcing the transformative power of well-executed campaigns.

Required Qualifications and Experience of the service provider:

Educational Background:

Bachelor's Degree:

Fields: Film Production, Media Studies, Journalism, Communications, or a related field.

Professional Experience:

Proven Experience:

Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in film production, with a focus on documentaries.

Demonstrated ability to produce successful recap video projects from concept to completion.


A strong portfolio showcasing a range of recap video projects, highlighting storytelling skills, production quality, and creative vision.

Industry Knowledge:

In-depth understanding of the recap video film industry, including current trends, funding opportunities, distribution channels, and audience engagement strategies.


Duration of the task

The assignment is expected to take 6 months from the date of signing of the contract.



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22 May, 2024
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Advocacy & Awareness, Gender issues, Human Rights & Protection
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Wednesday, 5 June 2024
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Short Term
Period of Employment:
6 months
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> 3000 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
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Bachelor's Degree: Fields: Film Production, Media Studies, Journalism, Communications, or a related field
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3 to 5 years
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  • Lebanon
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