Request for Proposal: RFP BEY_23_09 Research on Diaspora engagement in humanitarian response & Economic recovery in Selected areas in Lebanon

The overall purpose of this consultancy is to complement the knowledgebase already established by the “Phase I” report “Mapping and Analysis of Diaspora Business Engagement Models in Five Villages of Lebanon”[1] with a Phase II.

Phase I focused on the impact of diaspora engagement on economic recovery and job creation, as well as a description of the engagement modalities as narrated by the receiving end – in five communities in North and East Lebanon.  Phase II will:

  1. Confirm that the findings in phase 1 have a more general validity in North and Beqaa Valley of Lebanon,
  2. Complement the findings from phase 1 with a focus on the “diaspora-end” to l document the engagement as described by the diaspora, including their motives, financing modalities, organization, communication, and any challenges they may experience when supporting their families, relatives, and communities.

The findings from phase I and Phase II will be used to inform subsequent programming in addressing existing challenges to diaspora engagement and to further enhance the positive impact of existing diaspora engagement in the targeted areas of Beqaa and North and potentially also broader Lebanon.

Since Phase I was finalized in June 2023, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated, and – at the time of writing this ToR – it is highly likely that the conflict would also spread to Lebanon, with effects on the  communities in the mentioned areas (Beqaa and North) In addition to a Phase II to the original research, this research also aims to document any humanitarian response that may be delivered by the diaspora in the targeted communities. This study will target diaspora members who support these communities, regardless of whether or not they are originally from those communities.

The objective of this consultancy is thus to further consolidate the knowledgebase for a “Diaspora component” as part of DRCs programming for leveraging the effects of diaspora engagement in humanitarian response and economic recovery in selected communities in Lebanon.

How to apply

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    1. Hard Copy: to DRC Beirut office
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Monday, 18. Dec 2023
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