Training of Trainers in Green Construction

About the Project:

The Alliance2015 Partnership, represented by lead agency ACTED, CESVI, Concern and Hivos, is running a program that aims to address root causes of conflict and instability in Lebanon, through the creation of sustainable income generating and livelihood opportunities for vulnerable populations. Over three years, Alliance2015 partners will work directly with 1,800 individuals, 18 Social Development Centers (SDCs) and at least 27 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across Lebanon.


The integrated program targets vulnerable communities with economic inclusion activities through three main pathways:

(A) Building the capacity of SDCs leads to an improved delivery of livelihood-related services;

(B) Improving the technical and soft skills of vulnerable individuals to ensure increased participation in the private sector job market; and

(C) Improving the capacity of the private sector leads to growth and job creation.

Activities include providing livelihood-related resources, assets and renovations to each targeted SDC; offering TVET and soft skills training, paid apprenticeship programs and job-matching services to vulnerable individuals; and providing businesses development services and value chain support to MSMEs.


As part of the project implementation, Cesvi is providing a three full day Training of Trainers (ToT) in Green Construction covering 6 fields. The training will be held on November 13, 14 and 15 in Beirut. At the end of the training, participants will get a certificate. The course is free of charge for selected participants.


Training Information:

The ToT on Green Construction will cover 6 main topics, as follows:

Green Electricity

Green electricity is an upgrade to regular electricity in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. It is a smart mechanism that takes into account various environment conditions and possible renewable energy resources. It also applies appropriate controllers to minimize energy usage while having the same outcomes. The Green Electricity course will focus on motion sensor lighting and solar outdoor lighting. It will provide trainees with the skills they need to install appropriate motion sensor lights and controllers indoor and outdoor.


Green Plumbing

Green Plumbing is a practice of setting up a structure that is environmentally friendly and resource efficient throughout design, construction, operation and maintenance and renovation/demolition. The two main water-consuming house fixtures are water faucets and toilet flushing systems. This section addresses greener solutions for faucets and water flushing systems in houses and daily life.


Water Proofing Insulation

Water seepage is one of the main problems affecting residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Water from walls and roofs can affect the structural integrity of the building, increase the cost of maintenance, shorten the lifetime of the concrete, allow the breeding of molds, increase humidity and lead to more power consumption to control temperature and humidity. Waterproofing is the act of insulating any object so that it remains unaffected by water or resistant to water penetration under certain conditions.



One of the main construction items that affects energy consumption is glazing. This section addresses greener solutions for installing a window using high thermal- and air-proofing techniques.


Decorative Finishing

The decorative construction is the final architectural or interior touches on the construction elements. Decoration is by adding decorative paints, decorative wallpapers, and special wood cladding (carpentry) on walls. Decorative construction can work in various construction projects, especially the residential projects.


Teaching approach and methodologies

This session will provide guidelines and methods on how to effectively deliver modules of the curriculum on Green Construction to skilled and non-skilled trainees.





The participants should preferably have a background in or familiarity with construction, green construction, and/or engineering. University students completing relevant degrees are encouraged to apply.



Soft Skills:

  • Organizational Skills: Be able to develop and respect work plans, to manage time effectively;
  • Communication Skills: active listening, making informed decisions without giving false expectations, clarity in expressing yourself, respectful to people from different backgrounds, presentation skills;
  • Social consciousness: be socially aware of the socio-economic situation of different areas and how it affects work;
  • Interpersonal Skills: be able to build positive relationships with beneficiaries and build trust;




Interested applicants shall send their CVs and a cover letter describing their experience in construction, green construction and/ or engineering explaining why they are interested to attend this training. Applications shall be addressed to [email protected] specifying in the subject "CESVI_ToT_Green Construction". Only complete applications will be considered. E-mails with subjects other than "CESVI_ToT_Green Construction" will not be taken into consideration.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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