Press release: Introducing the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action

Beirut, Monday, 25 October 2021 - 

The centre’s team is happy to announce that the work and mission undertaken by Lebanon Support, will carry on under the new name of the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action

The centre is changing its name so as to better reflect its ongoing work that has been expanding and growing over the past 15 years, in line with its motto of Social Science for change achieved through transformative research and engagement.

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While the centre was founded, in the aftermath of the Israel July 2006 war, to document and facilitate information sharing and management, as well as foster cooperation and partnerships between different civic and civil actors in Lebanon, it kept expanding its scope of work to encompass research and transformative engagement. After establishing Daleel Madani in 2011, The Civil Society Knowledge Centre launched in 2013, the peer-reviewed journal the Civil Society Review initiated in 2015, and the Civil Society Incubator institutionalised in 2016. These programmes consolidated the centre’s position as a research hub and a space for critical reflection and action. 

The name change, today, is the culmination of a process of reflection by the centre’s team, members, and partners, and concretises the expansion of the centre, as well as better reflects its scope of work on a regional and global scale, towards Social Science for change.

The Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action will continue being a multidisciplinary space creating synergies and bridging between the scientific, practitioner, and policy spheres. The Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action maintains its goal of fostering social change through innovative uses of social science, digital technologies, and publication and exchange of knowledge. 

Daleel Madani, the civil society network, remains accessible via to continue and serve its community of civil society actors and global audience of users. The centre also retains its role as a hub, and maintains its pillars of research, fellowships, the peer-reviewed journal Civil Society Review, its engagement in multi-level fora, and the Civil Society Incubator

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Monday, 25 October 2021
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