The Ambassadors of Peace training curriculum is one element of a psycho-educational project, which is the current product of an evolution of methodologies and techniques generated by the staff and volunteers working with the Training Center for Community Development and in consultation with community focus groups. Public opinion and other feedback are essential in the evolution and modification of the curriculum which constantly changes in response to the newly expressed and identified needs. The program provides a number of human rights and conflict resolution training elements which focus on individuals and their interaction with their surrounding environment. There are six key themes which run through the training:
Human rights
Democratic practice
Respect for environment and health
Anti-racism and anti-discrimination
The Ambassadors of Peace program is one component of fulfilling the vision of Blue Mission to create more peace-orientated society in a country that has rarely seen absence of armed conflict for many generations.
By facilitating groups of children, youth, teachers and parents, using a planned curriculum of class-based and summer activities, an increasing number of young people are being equipped with the attitudes and skills of non-violent conflict resolution and mutual respect.

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The Ambassadors of Peace
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