In recognition of the Mediterranean accelerating employment and environmental crises, there are various calls for action to create a sustainable and inclusive economy that ‘works for everyone'. As the region thrives towards developing and implementing measures for a sustainable green transition, RESET aims to facilitate economic and social development via supporting the creation of sustainable and green businesses. The project will gather, analyse and synthesize learnings regarding 'what works' within the field of sustainable and green business support, and seeks to upstream this knowledge effectively. It will support local, national and regional stakeholders to make use of this knowledge to create strategies, policies and regulations to stimulate the green economy. RESET targets seven Mediterranean countries and will address the whole enabling eco-system – from EU projects, local initiatives and policies to national and regional policies and regulations – to capitalize on knowledge related to training, advice, networking services, access to funding and markets, as well as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection, with a focus on women and youth inclusion.


RESET will deliver direct capacity building activities to stakeholders to support innovative policymaking and encourage peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. More specifically, RESET will provide REMOTE informative sessions in the target countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia) on the Impact Measurement Tool under SwitchMed. An expert will be recruited to support entities with their usage of the tool, while enhancing their knowledge on it, on impact measurement as a whole, and on its benefits.

We are seeking an experienced expert on the Impact Measurement tool under SwitchMed to design and deliver online informative sessions in the 6 countries mentioned above, targeting the following stakeholders: Business Support Organisations (BSOs).


The expert will design and deliver informative sessions on the Impact Measurement Tool covering its practical usage, data collection methodologies, and how it contributes to sustainable and green business development.

The expert will conduct one REMOTE information session per country (total of six sessions) for the identified Business Support Organizations (BSOs), in English (French and Arabic are desirable – the ideal candidate would be fluent in all three mentioned languages).

The expert will ensure the following: 

  • Familiarization with SwitchMed's Impact Measurement Tool: Gain an in-depth understanding of the Impact Measurement Tool developed under the SwitchMed initiative, including its key features, methodologies, and applications.
  • Customization of Content: Tailor the content of the informative sessions to suit the unique requirements and challenges faced by Business Support Organizations (BSOs) in each of the six target countries.
  • Hands-on Support: Provide practical guidance and support to BSOs in implementing the Impact Measurement Tool within their organizations and projects, addressing any challenges they may encounter.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices: Facilitate knowledge sharing and the exchange of best practices among BSOs, enabling them to learn from each other's experiences and successes.
  • Impact Measurement Training: Enhance the understanding of impact measurement as a whole among the participating BSOs, emphasizing its importance in driving sustainable business growth and demonstrating social and environmental contributions.
  • Benefits Communication: Highlight the benefits of utilizing the Impact Measurement Tool for sustainable and green businesses, including enhanced access to funding, improved stakeholder engagement, and strengthened business performance.

The selected expert will report to the Project Manager of RESET and work closely with the project team to ensure smooth coordination and successful implementation of the informative sessions. Regular communication and updates with the project team will be expected.


  1. Session agenda and plan, submitted two weeks before the agreed session date, in English
  2. Session material (presentation/ handouts/ etc.), submitted one week before the agreed training date, in the languages required for delivery in each country
  3. Attendance list for each session (to be developed in coordination with RESET’s consortium partners, where partners will support the expert in identifying and mapping potential invitees)
  4. Survey for the assessment of knowledge improvement and satisfaction of participants, in the languages required for delivery in each country
  5. Post-Session report summarising the outcomes of each informative session, including participant feedback, key takeaways, and actionable recommendations for follow-up action, in English
  6. Continuous coordination with the project team and providing regular updates


  • Expertise in Impact Measurement: A proven track record of expertise and hands-on experience with impact measurement tools, particularly with a focus on sustainable development and green business practices.
  • Relevant Educational Background: An advanced degree in economics, environmental studies, business administration, or a related field, complementing the expert's practical experience.
  • SwitchMed Knowledge: Familiarity with the SwitchMed initiative and its Impact Measurement Tool, having previously worked with or supported similar projects.
  • Training and Facilitation Skills: Demonstrated ability to conduct engaging and interactive training sessions, workshops, and capacity-building activities for diverse stakeholders, particularly Business Support Organizations (BSOs).
  • Language Proficiency: Fluency in English is essential to communicate effectively with stakeholders, and proficiency in Arabic or French is preferred to facilitate interactions in the target countries.
  • Green Business Expertise: Strong understanding of the green business landscape, challenges, and opportunities in the Mediterranean region.
  • Gender and Youth Inclusion: Demonstrated commitment to promoting gender equality and youth inclusion in green business development initiatives.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Proven ability to build effective partnerships and collaborate with various stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, and international organizations.
  • Analytical and Report Writing Skills: Strong analytical skills and the ability to compile clear and concise reports, summarizing complex information and recommendations.
  • Time Management and Flexibility: Ability to manage time effectively, adhere to deadlines, and adjust plans as per project requirements.
  • Legal Compliance: The applicant must be of a nationality that does not have any Geopolitical conflicts with the 6 above mentioned countries.


October 2023 till November 2023

How to apply

Interested applicants should present:

  1. A resume that shows their previous experience and previous relevant work 
  2. A technical proposal presenting the methodology and workplan. 
  3. A financial proposal in EUR including all costs to be incurred in the design and implementation of the scope of work
  • The tenderer shall provide their financial proposal in a detailed breakdown form to include all costs related to the preparation and delivery of activity as per the below: (Please make sure to abide by the detailed cost breakdown below. Proposals that do not strictly follow the below format will not be considered).
  • The compensation will be covered upon the full delivery of work and submission of all deliverables; more concerning the Schedule of Payments will be provided upon contract signing.

Submission should be done online to the following email: [email protected]

All submissions should be received by October 8th 2023 at 11:59PM (GMT+3) and should be signed by the applicant. Any submission post this deadline will be disqualified.

Sunday, 08. Oct 2023
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Business & Economic Policy, Environment, Research & Studies, Social & Cultural Development, Training & Capacity Building