Research For Reality Of Living & Health In Beirut

Title Research of the Reality of Living and Health in Lebanon Project Duration 8 months Region Beirut Overall Objective Drawing overall demographic situation of Beirut Creating an updated and concrete data for people’s real situation Clarifying the needs and shortages of the people especially in education and health sector Determining the activities for meeting the needs of people Contracter Thrakos Research Center Target Beneficiaries Poor people in Beirut NGOs and other institutions need data Final Beneficiaries People living in Beirut NGOs, local companies and international organizations need data Public enterprises and government agencies Estimated Results Updating the overall demographic situation in health and education sectors in Beirut Promoting the data for government bodies and NGOs about needs and lacks of people Creating roots and giving right directions for future humanitarian aids Main Activities Literature review of similar researches made before by NGOs, international organizations and public enterprises Visiting and collecting data from health centers and schools of sample region Bringing together the collecting data and literature review results and preparing reports, creating updated maps and tables Budget 55.000 $

Overall Objectives: 
Start Date
Thu, 05/02/2015 - 2:00am
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Research & Studies
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Beirut LB
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