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APPLICATION SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINE: Please send CV in English. Cover Letter is not required.

Deadline for applications: Thursday,10th of September 2020.


Apply by EMAIL: to: [email protected], cc: [email protected]

Terms of Reference

Position: BLN & VT Mentor

Location: Based in Jabal Mohsen 

Starting Date: ASAP immediately

Contract Duration:  From 7 September till end of End of December 2020, based on a consultancy.

Reports to: Program Manager – AICA

Purpose: AICA is seeking an BLN & VT Mentor working on deliverable basis, to ensure ensure a training and monitoring for staff of the project during four days’ preparation as well as training and monitoring for Curricula settlement during 10 training days in order to support in creating a curricula for BLN sessions including 60 sessions of Maths, 60 sessions of Arabic and 60 sessions of French per level 1&2 or/and 3 BLN, per class. The advisor will be in charge of elaborating Curricula and sessions plan for BLN as well as Vocational Training for caregivers.

The training will be provided for 3 BLN teachers, 2 VT instructors, with a participation of Social worker, ME Officer, internships follower and a volunteer in order to build-up AICA volunteers skills, with acknowledge that preparation for the training will be 2 days where mentors of the project will define the intersection in order to prepare separately the training content.  

The Advisor will be in charge of preparing curriculum of BLN & VT caregivers sessions animated as workshops, will mentor and ensure support all over the project taking into consideration the 40 hour internships, ensured for VT caregivers (home health care in collaboration with Al Zahraa Medical Dispensary AMD as well as handicrafts to be in collaboration with existing ateliers in Tripoli) where  internships would be monitored all along through a total of 4 hours their progress (an hour for 10 hours of internship).

The Organisation:

The Alawite Islamic Charity Association (AICA), a non-profit non-governmental organization located mainly in Jabal Mohsen – Tripoli and Akkar, registered under the decree No. 4500/1950 , was founded in 1950 in order to claim the rights of the community through development and social projects as well as Health care and medical services.

AICA projects and activities aim to mitigate all forms of discrimination towards civil Rights access (medical, health, education, work opportunities, or any other additional required support), raise individual and collective awareness, mainstream protection and disseminate risks prevention.

The intervention strategy consists on holistic and sustainable community development, Advocacy and Peace Building, education and training, primary health care and medical services, religious services.

Project Overview:

Solidarity project is a pilot program, supported by USAID BALADI CAP, targeting marginalized populations of Tripoli (Jabal Mohsen, Tebbaneh and Quobbeh) which aims to reintegrate young working children (YWC) aged 6-11 into the education system through a dual-track approach: providing educational and psycho-social support for 30 YWC, complemented by a dedicated program for their parents/caregivers in skills building, counseling and livelihoods support. 

Solidarity project will implement a “Learning by Doing” approach, exclusively supported by “Makers Hub/Genius Kid”, where youngsters, through hands-on activities, discover their dexterity skills and develop them while learning about technology, manufacturing, and open source tools. Established in 2014, they have won numerous awards for their innovative approach to introducing a new generation to different technologies through hands-on projects that bring together what is taught theoretically in schools with how things are done practically. They focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) as well as woodworking, 3D design/printing and have five centers across Lebanon, including a woodworking workshop.

In response to this challenge and in line with AICA’s vision and mission, AICA will pilot this “Solidarity” project utilizing the “4R approach” (recruitment, rehabilitation, reintegration and raising-awareness) to:

Enhance the capacities of AICA staff to deliver programs for vulnerable youth.

Engage 30 young working children in a three-month program of daily classes including psycho-social support (BLN & VT), basic literacy and numeracy (BLN), and STEAM programs. 

Provide 30 caregivers of young working children trainees with vocational training (VT) on home health care and handcrafts and enroll them in an internship program.

Provide case management/family rehabilitation counseling services aimed at reintegration of young working children into school and their caregivers into the job market. 

Raise awareness on child rights and education through a social media campaign.

In order to respond to the reality of COVID-19, AICA will practice extra hygiene measures and safe physical distancing in all its program activities by (1) utilizing technology platforms for meetings that can be done remotely and (2) dividing participants into smaller groups to reduce the number of people gathering at one time within each classroom.  AICA’s Center, located between Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen, has nine classrooms, enough space for them to manage the five parallel classes for children and the separate classes for the caregivers.  Additionally, AICA’s child protection and confidentiality protocols will guide the work. 

Goal: Build the resilience of the underprivileged population in Lebanon.

Project Overall objective: At risk children and their caregivers in Jabal Mohsen, Tebbaneh and Quobbeh are prepared for and enrolled in good quality inclusive basic education and vocational activities. 

Specific Objective 1 (SO1): At risk children and caregivers in Jabal Mohsen, Tebbaneh and Quobbeh participating in Young Working Children workshops, Vocational Training sessions and Family Rehabilitation & Reintegration consultations. 

Specific Objective 2 (SO2): Awareness is raised in target communities on right to education for children. 

Purpose of the assignment: 

Improve the psychological and social well-being of YWC, prepare them to be rehabilitated and reintegrated through non- formal/recreational skills, BLN and STEAM/Genius classes.

Training Delivery:

Targeting the staff:

-Training guidelines for staff

-Plan of training sessions for 10 training days in order to create and supervise the content and sessions plan of BLN & VT sessions during BLN phases for YWC as well as VT sessions animated for caregivers within taking into consideration that each BLN session will be targeting  children – social distance based – lasting for 40 minutes while VT Caregivers sessions will last each for 2 hours.

-Delivery of 10 training days for a total of 9 trainees (including volunteers) where sessions plan, outputs are elaborated according to main topics to be defined for rehabilitating and reintegrating YWC as well as supporting caregivers. 

-Training report

-Completion and supervising ME tools related to the training (relative to each group, tools to be created within coordination with PM and ME officer)

Outputs: training, template prepared for sessions plan, 160 sessions prepared, tools needed listed; Acknowledge that a number of outputs will be highlighted and assessed to be presented during graduation, in the end of the project.

Targeting caregivers:

In addition, topics related to parenting skills and stress management will also be introduced during these workshops and followed up one-on-one during the case management counseling sessions.

-Workshops guideline and plan for caregivers where each workshop lasts for 2 hours. 

-Workshops to be moderated – by Social Worker - for caregivers: 4 sessions.

Ethics and Child Safeguarding:

AICA is committed to ensuring that the rights of those participating in consultations and training are respected and protected, in accordance with our Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Young People. AICA also fosters a culture that embraces and exemplifies the commitment to gender equality, girls’ rights and inclusion, while supporting staff and consultants to adopt good practice, positive attitudes and principles of gender equality and inclusion.

Required responsibilities and tasks:

design and conduct an introductory workshop for the project staff in order to create a certain common knowledge and work context appropriated accordingly;

Create the training guide based on Project Staff Workshop guidelines (during the introductory workshop) with the support and assistance of Project Manager and all team, with specifying competences to deliver through training BLN & VT sessions as well as caregivers’ content;

Design with the staff the plan of related sessions (where each lasts for 1 hour each during the first and last week , but lasting for 40 minutes during BLN program with a social distance basis) with the support and assistance of Project Manager and all team and within referring to competences already specified to be acquired at the end of training;

Revision and updating some M&E tools within coordinating with PM and ME officer

Implementation of M&E tools (training-based)

Delivery of a total of 10 training days.

Delivery of ME tools

Participate in the evaluative workshop 

Deliver a final reporting package, sorted in the end of the evaluative workshop.

The BLN & VT Mentor will coordinate closely with the Program Manager with the manuals revisions, brainstorming, observation and monitoring, and for best practices approach over the course. He/She will collaborate with the team project all-over the process. He/She will adhere to AICA values and Code of Conduct.

Qualifications and Experience:

The desired specifications and qualities of the trainer are:

At least work experience in related fieldworks more than 15 years; 

At least training experience more than 10 years; 

A commitment to promoting and supporting child rights and gender equality as well as AICA values.

A commitment to teamwork, punctuality and to AICA’s procedures.

Experience in curriculum preparation is required.

Collaborative approach and open to feedback.

Compassionate while working with children with no prejudice or harm.

Maintains confidentiality and respect towards beneficiaries.

Experience in working with children and vulnerable populations.

Good interpersonal and communication skills

Ability to work in a team

Application Process:

Kindly send a CV mentioning the “BLN & VT Mentor” in the subject of your email.

Deadline for applications: Thursday, September 10th 2020.

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30 Sep, 2020
Intervention Sector(s):
Advocacy & Awareness, Children & Youth, Democracy & Civic rights, Labor & Livelihoods, Mental Health
Application Deadline:
Wednesday, 7 October 2020
Contract Type:
Part Time
Period of Employment:
14 Days
200 USD / Day
Salary Range:
2500 to 3000 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
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Experience Requirements:
More than 10 years
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  • Lebanon
  • North Lebanon
  • Tripoli