Call For Applications - Islam, Diversity And Peace Building Course

Adyan Institute calls for applications from young leaders to participate in a six month online and face-to-face course on “Islam, Diversity and Peace building”.
About Adyan Institute
Adyan Institute is part of the Adyan foundation, a Lebanese foundation for interreligious studies and spiritual solidarity, founded in 2006 by members from Christian and Muslim denominations as an independent organization that works on valuing religious diversity in its conceptual and practical dimensions, and on promoting coexistence and diversity management among individuals and communities, on the social, political, educational and spiritual levels.
In a global context marked by the rise of religious diversity and the complex relation between religion and public life on the one hand, and in a regional Middle-Eastern context marked by violent extremism and conflicts related to religious discourse and communitarian narratives on the other hand, Adyan Institute aims:
• To contribute to the production of critical and well-grounded reflection and resources for the management of religious diversity in the public sphere.
• To build capacities of youth, educators, social and religious leaders in peace-building and in promoting intercultural and interreligious understanding and cooperation on local and global levels.
Adyan’s work has been recognized worldwide with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations’ International 2nd Prize for “Living Together Peacefully in a Diverse World” (May 2013).
Overview of the program
The course “Islam, Diversity and Peace building” is part of a larger program at the Adyan Institute entitled Counter Extremism Interreligious Alliance (CEIA), funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
It is a study program of 12 credits, through online courses, face to face seminars and awareness activities implemented by the participants within their social and professional networks, extending over 6 months.
It is intended for 30 young leaders who want to build their capacities, acquiring knowledge and skills needed to address extremism, and contribute to enhance social resilience and cohesion within their societies.
The program will have four phases, as per the following calendar:
Phase Dates Title Credits 1 e-course1 Oct 15-29 Nov Islam and Religious Diversity 2 2 1st face to face seminar 4-13 Dec (Beirut) Religion and Extremism in Political History and Textual Interpretation 5 3 e-course 2 Jan 15-29 Feb Islam and Inner Diversity 2 4 2nd face to face seminar 13-18 March (location TBD) Communication and Leadership Skills for Peace builders 3
This learning journey is based on an integrative multi-disciplinary approach and a cross-cultural methodology, as the students and the faculty are international. The courses and readings will be given in English and Arabic languages.
The successful completion of each phase allows moving to the next phase and any failure leads to termination of the enrolment in the program.
These four phases are completed by awareness and media activities implemented by the participants themselves in their own communities or environment.

Participants’ profile
The program is open for young leaders that come from the fields of media, education, politics, CSOs, religion or other, and that can prove to have a leadership and influential role in their society.
The program is mainly open for Muslim young leaders as well as for young leaders from other religious backgrounds working and living in predominantly Muslim contexts, with a focus on the Arab world.

Conditions to apply
Applicant’s age must be between 24 and 40 years old Applicants must hold an MA or equivalent, or a BA plus 2 years of experience in social and religious fields. Applicants must also have an excellent command of both Arabic and English languages. Applicants should be committed follow the entire program and have the availability to work a minimum of 6 hours per week.
Selection criteria
Academic background Leadership experience Gender balance
Participants’ benefits

A unique certificate in “Islam, diversity and peace building”. Increased leadership capacities and empowered role in addressing extremism Being part of an international network of young leaders addressing extremism Being an alumni of Adyan Institute and having priority as a candidate for further courses and training programs
Applications procedure
To apply, submit the following materials no later than September 25, 2015, by email to [email protected], with the words “Application CEIA participant” in the subject of the email. A complete CV, of no more than 3 pages A Completed Application form. A scan of the first page of the passport. Only pre-selected participants will be contacted by email by October 6, 2015. Interviews might be requested following the pre-selection. Selected candidates will receive a full scholarship to the program, covering the tuition fees as well as travel and accommodation expenses during the two face to face seminars. #ff0000;"> To download the application:
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