Public Announcement -Summer Institute Food Quotations


Interested suppliers are invited to submit their detailed quotations with the key features in Word or PDF format by May 31, 2024, at 5 p.m. 


Kindly find below the following details related to the food: 

Dates are Sunday, June 30, until Friday, July 12, 2024


We request a quotation for Breakfast, Lunch, Fruit Coffee break Basket, and Dinner for our summer institute held in LAU Byblos for approximately 65-75 people. We will confirm the number of people once it’s available.




Week 1: 


On Sunday, June 30: We need dinner only.

From Monday, July 1, until Thursday, July 4, We need Breakfast, Lunch, a Fruit coffee break basket, and dinner.

On Friday, July 5, we need Breakfast, Lunch, Fruit, and a coffee break basket without dinner.


Week 2: 


On Monday, July 8: We need dinner only.

From Tuesday, July 9, until Thursday, July 11, we need Breakfast, Lunch, a Fruit coffee break basket, and dinner.

On Friday, July 12: Breakfast, Lunch, Fruit, coffee break basket without dinner.


Breakfast options could be:

1. Zaatar Mankouch 

2. Cheese Mankouch

3. Zaatar Croissant 

4. Cheese Croissant

5. Labneh Sandwiches

6. Cheese Sandwiches

With one drink (orange, pineapple…)


Lunch options could be: 

1.      One hot plate, Salad, and soft drink.

2.      One vegetarian hot plate, Salad, and soft drink.


Dinner sandwich options:


1. One Turkey and cheese baguette sandwich 

2. One cold chicken baguette sandwich 

3. One Hallomi baguette sandwich

4. One Hommos baguette


For the fruit basket coffee break, please include two types of fruits daily. The quantity of fruits should be two per person.


Please feel free to suggest similar options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Kindly note that we might have around five vegetarian people. We will confirm these numbers later.

Age of the attendees: Teachers (average age of 23 years old)


Would you please include the price of vegetarian meals and non-vegetarian meals?


Kindly note that we need a water bottle for each participant with each meal. 


Kindly reply to the following questions in your offer:


1. Teach For Lebanon's payment method is through a fresh account bank transfer. Do you have a fresh USD bank account if we accept your quotation?


2. What is the preferred schedule of payment? 


3. Do you provide free food delivery to LAU Byblos?


Please make sure that the quotation includes the following:

- Official offers in the proper header and footer format 

- Mention the contact information of your company

- MOF and TX ID numbers of your company

- Offer validity time 

How to apply


Please send your questions and/or finalized proposals to [email protected] 

Teach For Lebanon is committed to fostering an open and transparent process. We appreciate your interest and look forward to receiving your quotations.

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