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The Order of Malta is present in Lebanon since 1953, it currently manages a network of 60 different operations through which it assists and supports, across the Lebanese territory, every person in need, regardless of their backgrounds, personal beliefs, or affiliations. Its service provision to the vulnerable revolves around three main pillars: The Healthcare Pillar, the Social Pillar and the Agro-humanitarian Pillar, all while establishing a benchmark of excellence, respecting diversity, and serving with humility.

The Order of Malta Lebanon (OML), with the support of its partners, has recently developed comprehensive multi-annual programs to strengthen its agriculture programs.

In this framework, the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta / Order of Malta Lebanon intends to hire the services of a qualified and professional agency for the support in the official launch event of its Agro-Humanitarian Program. The services will include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Developing the event’s branding, its related adaptations and production
  • Developing the event’s social media campaign and its implementation
  • Working on the event’s media relation: invitations, coverage, lobbying, follow up, etc…
  • Developing all the event’s content: factsheets, press releases, speeches, presentations, videos, etc…

How to apply

All interested bidders must send an email with the following documents no later than March 6th, 2024 to [email protected] so that we can share with you the Request for Proposal:

 - Legal Documents (Commercial Register, Certificate of Registration, VAT certificate, if available)

 - Company Profile showing company portfolio and similar works accomplished in Lebanon during the last 5 years

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