LEB-2024-004 Solar Power Technical Consultant

As part of its WASH response in Lebanon, NCA Lebanon country office is planning to implement solar power projects. For this purpose, NCA is looking for a Solar Power Specialist who will work together with the NCA WASH team to prepare the project design, develop the bill of quantities (BoQs), support in the setting of the selection criteria for the bidders who will apply for the tender book for the procurement and construction of the solar system, and last but not least provide technical supervision of the implementation.

The objective of the assignment is to work in close cooperation with NCA team, who will be coordinating with the stakeholders in the community. The Solar Power Specialist will have as a main role, the following responsibilities:

  1. The design of the PV system and electrical installations pertaining to solar pumping or any other solar power system. The design shall include:
    1. Design report showing the project components, proposed system configuration, solar system layout, financial feasibility of the project…etc.
    2. PV system simulation using software like PVsyst to determine the size and yield of the system.
    3. Scope of work with the design criteria, technical specifications, and the intended systems.
    4. System components and wiring sizing
    5. PV layout and wiring layout
    6. Single Line Diagram
    7. Installation details
    8. Earthing layouts
    9. All civil works including structural design for the support system with details and layouts.
  2. The preparation of the tender documents including the specifications and bills of quantities of the solar systems (including the PV and balance of system, and the civil and structural works)
  3. Technical advice in the selection of the contractors including assessing the technical submittal of the contractor and assessing its capabilities (noting that the Solar Power Specialist is not a member of the procurement committee but rather advising technically. Nevertheless, by accepting to take this advisory role, s/he will not have the right to apply for procurement or to be associated with any company that is applying).
  4. Basic supervision of the construction including three site visits with site visits reports. The supervision visits shall include the first fix visit, the second fix inspection visits for the panels installation and wiring, and final testing visit.
  5. Handing over of the system to the end users

NCA WASH senior officer will be responsible for the supervision of the civil and structural works, assisted by the site engineer. NCA WASH team will coordinate with the local community for any topographic survey in case needed.

How to apply

Interested candidates shall complete and submit the following documents with their proposal:

  1. Annex 1: Terms of Reference duly signed by the Candidate (mandatory)
  2. Annex 2: Proposal Submission Form duly completed and signed by the Candidate (mandatory)
  3. Annex 3: General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts signed and stamped by the Candidate (mandatory)
  4. Annex 4: Code of Conduct for Contractors signed and stamped by the Candidate (mandatory)
  5. A copy of the owner's passport/ID and of the lead consultant's passport/ID (mandatory)
  6. CV
  7. Valid membership in engineering syndicate (Electrical or Mechanical). ·
  8. Provide a minimum of 5 relevant references. ·
  9. Minimum 5 years of relevant experience
  10. Provide 3 samples of previous work (BoQs, technical study, and reports), one is related to solar water pumping.

Any Proposal that does not include the above requirements, may be led to an automatic disqualification from the procurement process.

The proposal and all correspondence and documents related to the Request for Proposal exchanged by the Candidate and the Contracting Authority must be written in the language of the procedure, which is English.

The Financial Proposal shall be presented as an amount in <USD> in the Proposal Submission Form in Annex 2. VAT and/or any sales tax applicable to the purchase of services shall be indicated separately in the proposal.

If the annexed documents are in PDF format, upon request, a complete copy of the above documents can be forwarded in a WORD format for electronic completion. It is forbidden to make alterations to the text.


منتهية الصلاحية
آخر مدة للتقديم
الاثنين, 04. Mar 2024
نوع الدعوة
دعوة لتقديم الاستشارات
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
بيئة, نظافة المياه والصرف الصحي
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
The consultant should be ready and available to start the consultancies by the 10th of March 2024 and complete it by the 31st of December 2024.