Request for Quotation | DAWERR-2023-02 – Fixed Weighbridge Scale



On June 30, 2020, USAID/Lebanon awarded ECODIT the Diverting Waste by Encouraging Reuse and Recycling (DAWERR) Activity, a five-year project that will establish sustainable and replicable integrated solid waste diversion and valorization solutions in rural areas of Lebanon, leading to improved social and economic well-being forLebanon’s population.  

During the first three years of the Activity, DAWERR worked with four municipalities -Baskinta, Jezzine, Rachaya el Wadi and Qaraoun- and supported them in the development of solid waste management (SWM) solutions at the individual/municipal level. In addition to the Phase 1 municipalities, DAWERR started supporting three Phase 2 Clusters of municipalities including:

  1. Anfeh (host)[1], Bechmezzine, Kfarhazir and Fih, in the Koura District
  2. Ras el-Matn (host), Qortada and Deir el-Harf, in the Baadba District
  3. Ansariyyeh (host), Sarafand Loubieh, and Saksakiyyeh, in the Saida District

DAWERR is supporting Phase 1 and Phase 2 municipalities to implement SWM solutions including the construction of composting stations and provision of needed equipment.

As part of this RFQ, DAWERR is requesting quotes from eligible offerors to provide, deliver and install one fixed weighbridge scale to each of Anfeh, Ansariyeh and Ras El Metn municipalities (total quantity of weighbridge scale needed is three) – see below coordinates for potential delivery location, as well main features and specifications of the weighbridge scale. 


ECODIT reserves the right to adjust the quantities and the delivery location of the equipment and will inform potential offerors of any change.



  1. Anfeh (tentative location): Plot 3715 Anfeh, Koura, Lebanon Geographic Coordinates: 34.339722, 35.732833
  2. Ansariyeh: Plot No. 48 Ansariyyeh, Sidon, Lebanon Geographic Coordinates: 33.388041, 35.286957
  3. Ras El Metn: Plot 3706 Ras El Matn, Baabda, Lebanon Geographic Coordinates: 33.83173300, 35.67506935


  • High load carrying strength (20 – 40 Ton Load).
  • All the civil works including the excavation works and the reinforced concrete works for the base of the weighbridge scale.
  • Easy installation, operation, and routine maintenance.
  • Massive, durable, and perfect performance.
  • Withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Connection of the system to the project’s main panel board with all the needed main power, cables, tubes, protection, etc.
  • Provide installation service, and training on the operation and maintenance.


40 Tons Weighbridge Scale

Type: Truck Scale - Earthed, with pit not very deep

Power Supply: 220V (AC) 50HZ.

Display Type: Standard type.

Rated Load: 40 Tons.

Accuracy: 5 -10 kg.

Plate surface High Tensile metallic structure.

Advanced anticorrosive treatment of the materials, obtained through double layer painting, with rust-proof varnish and a subsequent layer of polyurethane varnish.

Reinforced concrete Cast-in-place ready mix reinforced concrete (40 MPa on Cylinder), complete including formwork of any type and any shape, blinding concrete, steel bar reinforcement, accessories, construction joints, inserts for openings, sleeves, two cross coats of approved bituminous cold applied waterproofing paint to all concrete surfaces in contact with soil, and all other related works, to the satisfaction of the DAWERR Engineer.

Safe Overload    150%

Load Cell Function Anticorrosion, moisture proof.

High precision and linearity also with non-perpendicular loads.

Optimized for parallel connection.

IP68 protection degree.

Load Cell Material Abrasion resistant and material that compensates for all types of thermal expansion.

Accessories and services.

Transportation and offloading.

Installation services.

5 years warranty.

Computer, software, printer, and its tables.

Training in operation and maintenance.


[1] Host refers to the municipality that is hosting the composting station in its geographic boundary.

How to apply

See RFQ-DAWERR-2023-02 attached. 

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