RFQ No. DAWERR-2024-01 – Skid Steer Loader | USAID-DAWERR

  1. Bidder’s Agreement with Terms and Conditions – The completion of all RFQ requirements in accordance with the instructions in this RFQ and submission to DAWERR of a quote will constitute an offer and indicate the Bidder’s agreement to the terms and conditions in this RFQ and any attachments hereto. DAWERR reserves the right to award a purchase order (PO) without discussion and/or negotiation; however, DAWERR also reserves the right to conduct discussions and/or negotiations, which among other things may require a Bidder(s) to revise its quote (technical and/or price). Issuance of this RFQ in no way obligates DAWERR to award a purchase order, nor does it commit DAWERR to pay any costs incurred by the Bidder in preparing and submitting the quote.
  2. Index of RFQ – This RFQ is comprised in its entirety of the following sections and appendices:

Sections of RFQ

Section 1 Quotation Instructions

Section 2 Description of Goods

Section 3 Special Provisions

Section 4 Evaluation Criteria

Section 5 Eligibility Criteria


Appendix A: Cover Letter

Appendix B: Description of Goods

Appendix C: Summary of Relevant Capability, Experience and Past Performance

Composition of Quote:

Bidders shall submit quotes for items detailed in Appendix B, list of needed goods. The quote will consist of Appendix A through C (see above).

Quoted prices must be in USD, exclusive of VAT and should include a breakdown of the price: unit price, transportation fees per location, any other fees.


    How to apply


    The Bidder shall submit its best price offer/quotation as per the following requirements:

    1. Quotation Cover Letter signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the Bidder. Use the template in Appendix A.
    2. Bidder shall submit quotes in prescribed format found in Appendix A.
    3. Bidder shall submit a technical offer that includes the following:
      • Detailed data sheets
      • Warranty certificate with a clear description and duration.
      • Statement of delivery deadline after contract signature.
    4. In case of price discrepancy between unit price and SUBTOTAL price, the unit price shall prevail.
    5. Payment term: Net 30 days.
    6. Bid validity: Net 30 days from date of submission
    7. Bidders must fulfill the following criteria:
      • Valid business License (Commercial Register Certificate)
      • Tax Identification number details (Tax registration Certificate)
    • VAT registration certificate
    • Contact person, telephone, and e-mail.



    Please refer to Appendix B for a list of goods required.


      1. Source and Nationality

    This RFQ will be financed by USAID funding and will be subject to U.S. Government and USAID regulations. The authorized USAID geographic code for this RFQ is Code 937. Code 937 is defined as any area or country including the recipient country but excluding any country that is a prohibited source. A list of developing countries, advanced developing countries, and prohibited sources is available in USAID’s Automated Directives System, ADS 310 http://www.usaid.gov/policy/ads/300/310.pdf .


    The following applies to this RFQ, all related correspondence, and any resulting contract:


    1. Definition
      1. Cooperating Country: “Cooperating country” means Lebanon.
      2. Source: “Source” means the country from which a commodity is shipped to the cooperating country or the cooperating country itself if the commodity is located therein at the time of purchase. However, where a commodity is shipped from a free port or bonded warehouse in the form in which received therein, “source” means the country from which the commodity was shipped to the free port or bonded warehouse
      3. Nationality: “Nationality” refers to the place of incorporation, ownership, citizenship, residence, etc. of suppliers of this good and must fall under the 937 code.
      4. Prohibited Source: The Bidder may not supply any goods or services manufactured in or shipped from the following countries: Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Laos, Libya, North Korea, or Syria.
      1. Inspection

    DAWERR shall have reasonable time to inspect the goods provided, anytime during the performance period of the PO as well as after delivery, and to reject acceptance if not conforming to the specifications of the PO and offer. Recovery of the rejected item (s) shall be the sole responsibility of the Service Provider.

      1. Warranty

    Warranty service and repair is required for the goods under this RFQ. The warranty coverage must be valid on the requested goods for a minimum of two (2) years after delivery and acceptance of said goods, unless DAWERR is otherwise specified in the technical specifications. Bidders shall describe their warranty and demonstrate how they will provide the services covered under the warranty plan period.


    All quotations received in response to this solicitation will be evaluated by DAWERR. The Purchase Order shall be awarded based on the best value to the DAWERR.

    DAWERR will conduct a selection based on evaluation factors listed below.


    Price – 60

    Met all required technical specifications – 20

    Warranty and delivery details – 20

    Total – 100



    • Registered non-governmental organizations (non-profits or for-profits) including but not limited to the private sector. Applications from individual citizens will not be reviewed.
    • Provide evidence that they are recognized by the Government of the country in which they operate, and that formal registration has been completed – see section 1.
    • Obtain a Unique Entity Identifier which can be requested at www.sam.gov.


    The following types of organizations are not eligible under this RFQ:

    • Public International Organizations.
    • Organizations with active exclusions in the System for Award Management (SAM) – refer to www.sam.gov;
    • Any municipal/city, provincial and national government.
    • Organizations that advocate, promote, or espouse anti-democratic policies or illegal activities.
    • Political parties or institutions.
    • Organizations that are on the list of parties excluded from federal procurement and non-procurement programs or the United Nations Security Sanctions Committee.
    • Any entity whose name or individual executives appears on any exclusions lists maintained by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) or UN’s master list of prohibited individuals or entities.
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