DanChurchAid (DCA) is an international development organization with a presence in Lebanon since 2007, working towards saving lives, building resilient communities, and fighting extreme inequalities. DCA's mission in Lebanon is to address the unique challenges faced by marginalized groups and promote inclusive development. DCA Lebanon developed its new program strategy for 2023 to 2027.

In Lebanon, DCA focuses on providing humanitarian assistance and development programs to help communities affected by conflict, displacement, and poverty. The organization collaborates with local partners, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to implement projects that aim to clear mines, cluster munitions, and explosive remnants of war (ERW), address urgent humanitarian needs of people living in Lebanon, improve livelihoods, enhance social cohesion, and support sustainable development efforts.

DCA's interventions in Lebanon cover a wide range of areas, including emergency response, livelihood support, informal education, protection, and advocacy. The organization recognizes the importance of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls and integrates these principles into its programs and operations. More on DCA’s (global) strategy can be found online [1].

Through its projects, DCA in Lebanon strives to strengthen local capacities, promote social cohesion, and support sustainable solutions for displaced populations. The organization also works towards addressing the specific needs of vulnerable groups, including refugees, host communities, and marginalized populations, while considering the unique challenges posed by the complex social, political, and economic context in Lebanon.

DCA's approach in Lebanon emphasizes localization, participatory methods, community engagement, and partnerships to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of its interventions. The organization aims to create lasting positive change by empowering individuals, promoting social inclusion, and fostering resilient communities.

Overall, DCA's presence in Lebanon reflects its commitment to supporting vulnerable populations, promoting social justice, and contributing to sustainable development in the country. By working closely with local partners and stakeholders, DCA seeks to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the well-being and resilience of communities in Lebanon.


  • Assess the extent to which the project achieved its objectives with special emphasis on the outcomes and impact including the most significant changes attributable to the project.
  • Assess the relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of the project strategy with special emphasis on:
    • Community needs at the time of project identification.
    • Results as articulated in the project log frame.
    • Cross cutting issues of Gender, Rights Based Approach,
    • The external environment (context) within which the project was operational and its influence on project successes and/or failures.
  • Assess project efficiency in the utilization of mobilized and committed resources during the implementation and procurement of project inputs.
  • Determine the synergies of this project with other DCA and Partner implemented projects in the same geographic area and coordinate with other actors and make recommendations aimed at achieving greater synergies in future programming.
  • Establish the level of project results sustainability with various stakeholders (beneficiary, community, and other actors) with a focus on innovation and best practices.
  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the project monitoring and evaluation, focusing on DCA and partner monitoring tools and how these could be strengthened in future projects.
  • Establish the level of networking and/or coordination achieved by the project with its stakeholders.
  • Assess the number of indirect beneficiaries reached by the project and the impact on the indirect beneficiaries.
  • Assess the functionality of the complaints handling mechanisms that were put in place and how effective the mechanisms were during the project.

How to apply

Interested bidders are requested to fill the attached DCA Request for Proposal form and send it via email to [email protected] before the closing date which is the 30th of November 2023 at 5:00 PM.

Please make sure to follow the below steps:

-             All quotations are to be sent via email by 30/November/2023 5:00 PM; addressed to [email protected].

-             Any quotation received after closing date will be disqualified.

-             Make sure to include the attached DCA Request for Proposal signed and stamp or you will be disqualified.

-             DCA conditions for Services' all forms must be signed and stamped.

-            For any needed technical information please send email to [email protected] Cc [email protected] or contact the MEAL Program Officer Miss. Beatrice El Khoury on 70 411 213. 

- Only quotation received on [email protected] will be taken into consideration.

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