Request for Diesel-fuel Tender as part of Shabake 2 project in North Lebanon.

RMF invites you to submit proposals to provide the Gasoline 95 and Diesel to its fleet of vehicles for a period of twelve months, with potential extension for a further year. RMF does not have the capacity to store fuel, and therefore fuels its vehicles at fuel stations. RMF’s average monthly fuel consumption is 7,000 liters of Gasoline 95, and 10,000 liters of Diesel.

Mandatory criteria all bids must fulfil
RMF will only accept bids from suppliers that have a fuel station within 3 km distance as travelled by road of the RMF Mejdlaya and Achrafieh offices.

All Responses must submit the following:
Photocopies of the following documentation is required to be submitted for the bid to be considered. If any of the below documentation is not submitted, the bid will not be reviewed
• Company incorporation documentation
• Companies registered address
• Evidence of registration with the Lebanese Ministry of Finance
• Evidence of VAT registration

Criteria used for selection of supplier
Bids that are supported by the above will be evaluated on the following criteria
• Proximity of fuel station to RMF’s Mejdlaya and Achrafieh offices.
• Size and quality of forecourt, as well as location.
• Availability and strength of control procedures regarding fuel issuance offered by bidder to prevent fraud
• Number of fuel station locations throughout Lebanon
• Ability to provide fuel management reports (sample reports to be attached)
• Payment terms offered. RMF will look favorably on bids which allow RMF to make payments monthly in arrears.

How to apply

René Moawad Foundation (RMF) invites you to send your offers by email to [email protected] mentioning Diesel-fuel Tender

The deadline for Submission is April 18, 2023

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الثلاثاء, 18. أبريل 2023
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