Beit el Baraka: Design, Supply and Installation of Solar PV systems for 43 schools across Lebanon - Tender rf. #270522

With the steep deterioration in living conditions leading to increased student drop‐outs, especially
among marginalized households, schools have threatened to shut down because of extortionate operating
costs amid rampant inflation, and teaching staff exodus has become a serious issue as wages have
become unsustainably low.
Beit el Baraka launched a project that aims to ensure that private education is more sustainable in Lebanon and helps schools become more resilient. By funding their Capex for the purchase & installation of renewable &
independent energy sources.

Beit El Baraka is inviting contractors to submit a Bid for performing the design, supply and
installation of Solar PV systems in Schools in Lebanon as described in the annex: Beit el Baraka - Tender Documents #270522 

How to apply

All original bids must be received by Beit El Baraka by 17 June 2022 before 12 noon.
Any bid not sent to the correct address and/or received late will be rejected. 

To confirm your intent to submit a response to this tender and receive further documents please send an email to [email protected]

Kindly refer to the Tender Document 270522 - for the detailed procedure.

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