Beit El Baraka - Call for tender for the Jesuits' Garden Rehabilitation Project

Jesuits’ Garden – Request for Quotation


Beit el Baraka is a Lebanon based charity with a support program that assists 226,000 decent Lebanese families living in strong financial distress. The organization is trying to restrain the fall into extreme poverty of a disappearing middle class. Beit el Baraka’s mission is to ensure dignity to hard working Lebanese citizens by assisting them in their struggle with the increasing cost of living. In a spirit of respect and support, we give them access to decent livelihood. Beit el Baraka’s Vision is a Lebanon where families can live a secure, valued, and respectable life with access to social security, education, and retirement pensions for all.

Project Overview

Beit El Baraka is launching a call for tender for the Jesuits’ Garden rehabilitation project. Since this project is of urban development nature, it will entail maintenance of the archeological ruins, playground, water fountain, passages, benches, and restrooms. The project also includes landscaping.

Beit El Baraka is inviting all contractors to submit a bid for performing the needed maintenance and landscaping as per the attached Tender document.

How to apply

How to Apply:

  • All interested contractors/suppliers shall download the detailed BOQ document
  • Technical and Financial bids have to be sent in separate designated fields as specified in the attached BOQ
  • All submissions must be sent by email to the following email address: [email protected]
  • Deadline for Submission of bids is December 12, 2022, at noon
  • Submissions must be handed in hard and soft copies.
  • Hard copies must be submitted to Beit el Baraka's offices on December 12, 2022,  between 9 AM and 12 PM
  • Any submission received after the deadline will be rejected
  • Contractors interested to submit this request for quotation must confirm their intention by sending an email to [email protected]
  • For further inquiries, interested parties can request any clarification by sending an email to [email protected]
  • Deadline to submit your questions is November 28, 2022
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