Delivery and Installation of CCTV and LPR

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Project: Supporting progress in key areas of public administration reform in Lebanon


Since 2019, Lebanon has been facing one of the worst economic crises globally since the mid-nineteenth century according to the World Bank, with 2 major events intensifying its impact, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Beirut port explosion in 2020. As the financial and economic situation unfolds, the downfall can be seen in all of the country’s aspects, from the availability of state services to the functioning of public administrations. Understanding the extent of this downfall requires an overview of several key facts that could represent Lebanon’s new reality.

Lebanon has also been facing political and economic crises for several years. The country has a complex political system that is based on power-sharing arrangements among its religious sects. However, this system has led to political gridlock, corruption, and a lack of accountability, which has resulted in a deteriorating economic situation and social unrest. The political deadlock in Lebanon refers to the ongoing inability of the country's political leaders to form a functioning government. This deadlock has been repetitive and has always persisted for multiple months and sometimes years.

The country’s worsening context has severe consequences on all sectors, with Lebanese public administrations being the most affected due to the reduction of available public funds. This has affected the core of public services and the basic functioning of administrations.



Needs justification

Due to the financial crisis, almost all Lebanese governmental entities have suffered from budget cuts that affected negatively on their IT infrastructure and IT systems spending. The complications have multiplied with the financial crisis and political gridlock in the country, leaving most public administrations in dire need of support.

  1. Objectives and desired results


    1. General objective

The objective of the assignment is procuring a comprehensive Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system that enhances security and surveillance capabilities within CIB. The CCTV system is intended to complement the robust monitoring, recording, and analysis of activities across designated areas, thereby promoting safety, deterring criminal activities, and facilitating incident response.

    1. Specific objectives
  1. Improved Situational Awareness: Enhance situational awareness for personnel by providing real-time monitoring and recording of activities in critical locations.
  2. Integration with Existing Systems: Seamlessly integrate the existing CCTV system with existing security infrastructure, including access control systems, alarms, and NVR.
  3. License Plate Recognition (LPR): Implement LPR technology to automatically detect and record license plate numbers of vehicles entering or exiting the CIB underground and on ground parking facilities, aiding in the identification, and tracking of vehicles involved in possible security incidents.
    1. Anticipated results

Delivery and installation of the required needed CCTV and LPR by June 28th, 2024

How to apply

Interested service providers will be invited to participate in a site visit as part of this Terms of Reference (TOR) at CIB premises. The site visit shall be scheduled to provide potential service providers with an in-depth understanding of the existing infrastructure, physical layout, and environmental conditions of the proposed CCTV cameras. This on-site experience will enable service providers to assess the current facilities, evaluate spatial considerations, and gain insights. The visit schedule shall be on wednesday 26th of June in between 13:00 and 15:00. intrested applicant must share their interest to attend no later than 2 days from the schedueled site visit date by sending and email to [email protected] 




The proposal should include:

  • LPR system priced independently.
  • Technical proposal (in MS Word format) that answers the requirements.
  • Unpriced BOQ filled in MS Excel format.
  • Commercial proposal with a filled priced BOQ in MS Excel format.
  • 2 years maintenance and support contract proposal.

Please send your proposal by email to the following address:

[email protected]

Deadline has been extended till the 4th of July 2024

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