Call for Tender - Renovating Al Nassera Hospital in Bekaa Barelias

The objective of this project is to renovate AlNassera Hospital located in BarElias, Bekaa. Including the demolition of the existing ER extension and the administration building, and reconstruction of a new ER unit. The renovation aims to enhance the hospital's infrastructure to improve patient care and operational efficiency, modernize facilities to meet current healthcare standards, expand capacity to accommodate a growing patient population, and ensure compliance with safety and accessibility regulations.
To that purpose, Anera seeks to obtain bids and invites contracting companies to apply to this tender. This document also provides all concerned with the technical specifications required for the renovation, in addition to the requirements and obligations that the bidders should comply with.

How to apply

Proposals should be submitted physically to Anera Office at the following address:

Anera Main Office, Mathaf Area, Pierre Gemayel Street, Anera building, Ground Floor, next to Syriac Church Endowment Parking

Bids should be submitted by no later than Friday 5 July 2024 4:00pm Beirut time.

You can access the related documents through the below link:

Tender Documents

Incomplete Proposals will be disqualified.

Site Visit:

Those wishing to apply for this tender should join the mandatory site visit to the project site in Bar Elias Bekaa on Thursday 20 June 2024 at 11:00 am.

Kindly send a confirmation of attendance through email: [email protected]  with the name of the person or engineer, company name and telephone number.


Please check the Questions and answers link:



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