Renovation of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) office in Beirut

Since 2019, Lebanon has been facing one of the worst economic crises globally since the mid-nineteenth century according to the World Bank, with 2 major events intensifying its impact, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Beirut port explosion in 2020. As the financial and economic situation unfolds, the downfall can be seen in all of the country’s aspects, from the availability of state services to the functioning of public administrations. Understanding the extent of this downfall requires an overview of several key facts that could represent Lebanon’s new reality.


Lebanon has also been facing political and economic crises for several years. The country has a complex political system that is based on power-sharing arrangements among its religious sects. However, this system has led to political gridlock, corruption, and a lack of accountability, which has resulted in a deteriorating economic situation and social unrest. The political deadlock in Lebanon refers to the ongoing inability of the country's political leaders to form a functioning government. This deadlock has been repetitive and has always persisted for multiple months and sometimes years.


The country’s worsening context has severe consequences on all sectors, with Lebanese public administrations being the most affected due to the reduction of available public funds. This has affected the core of public services and the basic functioning of administrations.


A new EU Program Action started in December 2023 that aims to support progress in key areas of public administration reform in Lebanon through enhancing the integrity, transparency and accountability of its public administration aligned with the principles of a modern public administration. It consists of three outcomes:


  1. Safeguarding integrity of the public administration, mainly in the area of public human resources management (i.e. civil service reform);
  2. Enhancing transparency in public administration systems, mainly in the area of public procurement at central and local level (i.e. public financial management reform) and access to public information (i.e. accountability);
  3. Strengthening accountability of the administration by reinforcing the role of the main oversight bodies (i.e., Central Inspection Board, Court of Audits and National Anti-Corruption Commission) in implementing reform, fighting and preventing corruption.


The Outputs to be delivered contributing to the outcome 2 on public procurement reform are:

2.1. Centralized and decentralized public procurement systems more transparent by setting up the e-procurement platform;

2.2 Skills of procurement officers and stakeholders enhanced and public procurement function created;

2.3 The public procurement system is regulated by an independent authority committed to the principles of transparency, fair treatment of all bidders and equal opportunities to participate.

2.4 The role of civil society organizations in supervising and monitoring public procurement enhanced.


Albeit the financial crisis, almost all Lebanese governmental entities have suffered from budget cuts that affected negatively on their spending. The complications have multiplied with the financial crisis and political gridlock in the country, leaving most public administrations in dire need of support.


The Public Procurement Authority (PPA), officially established on July 29, 2022 in accordance with the new Public Procurement Law 244 enacted in June 2021, is a public procurement regulatory authority, whose missions are defined by article 76 of law 244/2021 and include : 

  • Assistance and control of contracting entities in their public procurement operations.
  • The variation of the law in secondary legislation.
  • The definition of national public purchasing policies.
  • The creation of public buyers’ professions and the definition of a national training policy.
  • The establishment of an e-procurement system.
  • International cooperation in public procurement.

The project aims to provide appropriate facilities to the Public Procurement Authority (PPA), through performing necessary renovation civil work to refurbish a meeting room and create a functional space,  allowing the PPA to gain an environment conducive to effective collaboration and decision-making, fostering productivity and efficiency.


  1. Objectives and desired results


    1. General objective


The objective of the assignment is to undertake a partial renovation of the public procurement authority office.  


    1. Specific objectives


Under the supervision of Expertise France team and in coordination with the PPA team, the service provider will undertake the following tasks:


  1. Painting of selected offices. This task must be preceded by moving the existing furniture to designated places in order to prepare the room for the anticipated renovation.
  2. Manufacturing, supply, and installation of cabinets and tables.
  3. Ensure proper lighting maintenance for improved visibility and ambiance.
  4. supply and installation of curtains.
  5. supply and installation of a projection screen, projector and relevant sound system .
  6. ACs maintenance.
  7. Plumbing maintenance.
  8. doors maintenance.
  9. Execute necessary demolition work for renovation purposes.

for more information, please refer to the attached terms of reference document.

How to apply

Candidates must submit the following documents:


  •  Company registration certificate
  • Company VAT registration certificate
  • Board members declaration certificate. 
  • IDs of the company board members  
  • VAT registration certificate  
  • Filled and signed copy of Annex A – expression of interest form along with appendixes I and II.  
  • Filled and signed copy of Annex E – Legal identity form  
  • Refences in similar projects 
  • A declaration stating the company’s current headcount, number of supervisory personnel, number of electric and civil engineers etc. 
  • A filled and signed copy of Annex C along with a List of references relevant to the object of the contract for projects of similar size, stating the names and phone numbers of the competent contact persons. 
  • Financial offer (the tenderer may use his own format)  
  • Installation Schedule (number of days required to execute the job from the contract notification) 
  • A letter indicating the warranty duration of the equipment as well as the warranty conditions. 

Applications (detailed resume and cover letter) are to be sent to the following email address: [email protected] under the title PPA renovation Services.

The deadline for application is June 13th, 2024.

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