The coonsultant should manage the launch of the Crisis Map project, as well as other organizational support for both forumZFD and LAH as such:


  1. Crisis Map finalization and Launch:

Leading and coordinating the launch and roll-out of the Crisis Map including the below elements, within the budget defined by LAH;

    1. Post-production Finalization: 
      1. Oversee the finalization of the videos.
      2. Lead on the finalization of the website (content).
      3. Coordinate the finalization of all promotional material related to the launch.
    2. Management of the Launch Event in June 2024:
      1. Manage the Launch Event in cooperation with Art of Boo, LAH and forumZFD, including, but not limited to:  location, program, invitation,
      2. Lead and Coordinate with LAH, forumZFD and Art of Boo the promotion efforts for the launch, e.g. social media ads, merchandise (stickers, posters), street promotion…
      3. Ensure the featuring the launch and project on LAH and forumZFD websites and other related platforms.
    3. Lead and coordinate the social media, promotion and media campaign with key stakeholders, i.e. LAH, Art of Boo, forumZFD and featured talent:
      1. Lead and Coordinate with LAH, forumZFD and Art of Boo on social media campaign, including material, content creation, release schedule, and community management; prior, during and after the Launch event of the Crisis map project.
      2. Coordinate media appearance with Art of Boo, featured talent and LAH related to the launching event and the remaining activations.
      3. Ensure media coverage of the project and its activations.
    4. Public Activation: Develop and implement activities relating to the Crisis Map – both pre- and post-launch – including but is not limited to artistic engagement, viewing and discussion sessions, alternative and mainstream media appearances.
    5. Educational Activation:
      1. Coordinate and follow up on Focus Group Viewing with Target group for educational activation.
      2. Oversee the activation of Crisis Map in LAH training materials, with partners in the field of Dealing with the past, and in educational institutions.
  1. Communication of LAH:
    1. Develop, with the support of a Team, LAH social media presence and awareness campaign to benefit and build on traffic generated from the launch; prior, during and after the Launch event of the Crisis map project.
    2. Coordinate “uplifting LAH’s image” and “awareness campaign” initiatives of LAH, showcasing key objectives and messages for a younger audience:
      1. Support in identifying designer/communication team, to design campaign.
      2. Coordinating between LAH and designer/communication team on production of material for campaign (products to be multi-use for other awareness work).
      3. Oversee the implementation of the campaign.
  2. M&E- Monitoring Tools:
    1. Develop monitoring tools for the forumZFD related PM&E system particularly with regards to “the Rethinking History Education from a Gender lens” project and the upcoming “Towards an Inclusive and Conflict Sensitive History Education” project.
    2. Support the team in developing and analyzing PM&E tools to assess impact.


    1. Oversee and follow up on implementation of monitoring tools in reference to the survey to assess the impact of the educational resources on teaching and learning, produced by LAH.
  1. Fundraising support for LAH:
    1. Facilitate a workshop with LAH stakeholders on prioritizing and identity key areas on which the current funding strategy can be implemented. 
    2. Support in the Implementation of fundraising recommendations for LAH – minimum of 3 funding proposals to be submitted by the LAH team.
  2. Financial consultation for LAH:
  • Run a gap analysis of LAH’s financial rules and procedures, as well as budgeting approach.
  • Suggest solutions and approaches for the issues highlighted in the gap analysis.
  • Set up and implement suggested solutions, that have been approved by LAH.
  • Streamline the financial process of LAH from planning to savings, including but not limited to budgeting, forecasting, payment schedules, internal and external reporting …

How to apply

If interested kindly send your resume along with a quotation to [email protected]

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