RFQ - OCHA2024TRI17 - Supplementary Subsistence Gardens (Seeds and Seedlings for Summer Cropping) - Re-advertising

RFQ Number: OCHA2024TRI17

The Office of Mada Association in Lebanon-Tripoli invites qualified and eligible vendors, to make offers for supplementary subsistence gardens (seeds and seedlings for summer cropping)

The description of seeds and seedlings mentioned in the Technical specification (Annex.1) 

The contracted supplier will be chosen based on the most competitive price aligning with the specifications requested by the call

Suppliers are required to send:

Quotation attached signed and stamped.

Annex 1 stamped and signed, with attached photos of the seed bags of the crops except for the potato tubers.

Representative ID.

Registration Certificate.

How to apply

Submission of Bids will be by Email to: [email protected] before April 23, 2024, at 16:00.

Kindly note: RFQ form should be filled, signed, and stamped, Representative ID, Registration Certificate, and Annex 1: Technical Specification with attached photos of the seed bags of the crops except for potato tubers local, should be attached to The RFQ.

In case of any missing document and non-compliance to the application rules of the Quotation, the application will directly be considered as excluded

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