Digital Content Developer – Awareness Material on PSEAH and Menstrual Hygiene

Scope of Work:

The Digital
Content Developer will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • One (1) educational video on
    Menstrual Hygiene Awareness,
    highlighting best practices and
    management of menstrual hygiene. The video aims to reach the targeted
    population and all WASH partners and will be disseminated on Menstrual
    Hygiene Day, on May 28, 2024.
  • Two (2) videos focusing on
    Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment.
  • Two (2) flyers related to the
    above topics.
  • Two (2) audio recordings with
    content relevant to the above topics.

materials should be:

  • Designed to be easily shared
    and viewed on WhatsApp.
  • Culturally sensitive and appropriate
    for the target audience.
  • Accessible to persons with
    disabilities (including closed captions for videos, audio descriptions,
  • Suitable for children in terms
    of content and presentation.

Essential Considerations:

The selected service provider must ensure that all elements
used in the video production, including but not limited to images, music,
graphics, and any other creative content, are free from copyright restrictions
or that appropriate permissions/licenses have been obtained for their use. Solidarités
International should not be liable for any legal issues arising from the
unauthorized use of copyrighted material, and the service provider is
responsible for securing all necessary permissions and ensuring compliance with
intellectual property laws. The final deliverables must be original or properly
licensed, and the service provider should provide documentation for all
permissions/licenses obtained. Any third-party content used in the video must
be avoided or credited appropriately.

Also, some technical considerations for the produced

Video Format: Ensure
videos are filmed vertically.

Flyer Design: Flyers
are created for digital use and are in RGB format, not intended for printing.

Video File Size: Keep video files under 16MB.

Video Duration: Limit videos to a range from 1 to 3 minutes maximum.

How to apply

Interested individuals/corporate entities must submit the proposal
before 03:00 pm on April 19 to the following email address:

 [email protected]

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