Contractor for renovation and construction

  1. Objective

The global objective of the project is to provide a long-term response to the crisis for food producers in the Bekaa region in order to maintain their production while enhancing the resilience of vulnerable communities, stimulate the local economic growth and promote Bekaa’s culinary heritage.

FTL is looking for a contractor  to provide renovation and construction works for entities located near Zahle to upgrade their facilities/products and attract more tourists. 

For further details and specifications, please download the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) document

(Name: Shabake 2 - Construction and rennovation BOQ)

For any questions or to schedule a site visit, please contact the number 79/300985


  1. Technical Specifications
  1. For Al Boustan Restaurant located in Qaa El Rim
  • Items Description: Bathroom renovation

Goods Specifications

  • Items Description: outside renovation
    • Unit
    • Quantity: 1
    • Specifications:
      • Metal stair welding and painting and restoration L:6m, l: 2m


  • Items Description: Bathroom renovation
    • Unit
    • Quantity: 2
    • Specifications:
      • bathroom floor And Wall renovation
      • bathroom Chair
      • Lights in each bathroom
      • bathroom sink
      • Mirrors
      • bathroom Mixe
      • Plumbing supplies
      • Electrical wiring
      • Electrical sockets
      • PVC ceiling
      • 2 Aluminum Doors
  • Items Description: Stainless Steel Table
    • Unit:
    • Quantity: 1
    • Specifications: 1.5 M x 60 Cm


  •  Items Description: Kitchen renovation
    • Unit
    • Quantity: 1
    • Specifications:
      • PVC ceiling with lighting For the small Kitchen
      • Stainless Sink (Dish washing Sink )  1 to 1.5 m+ Mix


B - For Al Raii Chtoura located in Qaa El Rim

  • Items Description: PVC door
    • Specifications: Lutron: Contractor to visit the entity


C- For Beit El Mouneh located in Hosh al Oumara

  • Items Description: kitchen installation
  • Items Description: kitchen installation
    • Unit
    • Quantity: 1
    • Specifications: 2m*2m, with high base (kitchen can be used not only for kids), with aluminum closets with shelves inside, sink.
  • Items Description: PVC ceiling inside the kitchen 
    • Unit PVC
    • Quantity: PVC for the kitchen ceiling
    • Specifications: PVC


  • D- For Cave Abou Hanna located in Karak Nouh
  • Items Description: Resto Cave
    • Quantity: 1
    • Specifications:
      • Wood Ceiling 9*4m    + Spotlights (the quantity will be decided after the visit) with all the necessary wiring.
      • Wood door L:1.32m, H:2.30m          
      • Sweden wood tasting bar: 2.5m         
      • 2 aluminum windows: L:1.75m, H: 1.32m    


E- For COOP Wadi Al Arayesh Production located in Wadi Al Arayesh

  • Items Description: Prefab house without cement
    • Specifications:
      • 4*4m, 2 windows, 1 door, PVC toilet door
      • toilet, kitchen, hot water on gaz, bathroom sink
      • bathroom chair, Stainless Steel Kitchen sink


F- For Domaine Ste. Anne located in Rayak

  • Items Description: Farm house renovation and installation (toilet, rooms and kitchen renovation)
    • Specifications:
  • Items Description: Farm house renovation and installation (toilet, rooms and kitchen renovation) (the supplier must visit the restaurant before submitting the quotation)
    • Unit
    • Quantity: 1
    • Specifications:
      • doors & windows inside the 2 rooms and kitchen and toilet
      • Paint inside 2 rooms, and kitchen
      • PVC ceiling (2 rooms, kitchen& toilet)
      • 2  rooms rehabilitation
      • kitchen renovation + Sink + water installation & electricity (wiring, lighting installation and plumbing tools )
      • toilet renovation + sink +bathroom chair
      • 2 Rooms electricity installation (wiring, lighting installation)
      • Water burner (gaz ) for toilette and kitchen


  1. Requirements & conditions

The service provider is required to deliver all items to Qaa El Rim, Hosh Al Oumara, Karak Nouh, Wadi Al Arayesh, Rayak along with workers/helpers available to assist with loading and unloading products, as and whenever needed.

  1. Company qualification

The company must have the following valid legal documents:

  • Commercial Circular
  • Fiscal Certificate of Incorporation at the Ministry of Finance
  • VAT Certificate of Registration if applicable
  • ID of company’s authorized representative(s)


  1. Evaluation
  • The quotation’s evaluation process will consider following with assigned weights:
  • Financial ......................................... 50%
  • Technical ........................................ 40%
  • Reputation & Reference Check ...... 10%


  1. Payment Terms
  • Payments will be made only through bank transfer or bank cheques
  • The price will be paid in USD while the VAT will be paid in LBP based on the official exchange rate on the date of the invoice.
  • Payment will be made within 15 business days of invoice receipt.

How to apply

  • Detailed offer and all legal documents to be submitted via email to: [email protected] 
  • Only selected candidates will be contacted
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