Team Building, Women’s Rights, Gender Based Violence and Conflict Resolution for Women - Call for Trainer

1. Ruwwad Al Tanmeya Organization Overview

Ruwwad Al Tanmeya is a regional non-profit community development organization that works with disenfranchised communities through education, youth volunteerism, and grassroots organizing. Our approach encompasses an array of programs and initiatives that deal with issues prioritized by the local community and strengthen agency among beneficiaries. Ruwwad is a citizen-led model, based on the premise that local people are those most affected by, and therefore experts in, the socioeconomic challenges they face. Ruwwad bases its interventions on their insights, and designs and implements projects that aim to meet their needs.

Ruwwad Al Tanmeya is built upon three pillars, its three programs, Youth Organizing, Child

Development and Community Support. Due to its sizable scholarship fund, the cornerstone of the

Youth Organizing program, Ruwwad Lebanon is considered a major player in the field of education in Tripoli. To learn more about Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, kindly check


2. Project Objectives

The project title is: “Women led Placemaking for Peacebuilding in Tripoli (WPPT): Promoting and supporting women’s and young women’s active participation in local placemaking initiatives for peacebuilding in Tripoli’s Bab Al Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen.”

The key outcome of this project is the increased civic participation of women and young women coming from two conflicting neighborhoods in the city of Tripoli, Lebanon by engaging them in a participatory design and capacity building process. These women will select, co-design and implement the rehabilitation of public spaces in their neighborhoods and will then take part in the activation of these public spaces and their monitoring. They will gain a sense of ownership and belonging to these spaces through the participatory process, enhance their sense of agency and reap the many benefits of using public spaces in their neighborhoods.

3. Call for Trainer

For the above-described project, Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, Lebanon is seeking an accomplished expert trainer to conduct a comprehensive workshop consisting of 9 hours of Team Building, Women’s Rights, Gender Based Violence and Conflict Resolution for 2 groups of 60 women with the aim of actively expanding their knowledge in the above-mentioned subjects as prerequisite knowledge before embarking in the design process of public spaces.


4. Trainer Profile

 a. Expertise and Experience:

- Extensive knowledge and expertise in gender studies, women's rights, gender-based violence and conflict resolution, particularly in the context of Lebanon

- Proven experience in conducting workshops and training programs related to gender awareness, women's rights, gender-based violence and conflict resolutionb

b.  Understanding of Cultural Context:

- Familiarity with the cultural, social, and political dynamics of Lebanon, particularly concerning gender roles and expectations in Tripoli.

c. Excellent Communication Skills:

- Strong verbal and written communication skills particularly in Arabic, enabling effective communication with the diverse audience of women.

- Ability to engage and inspire participants through interactive activities, discussions, case studies, and other dynamic teaching methods.

- A high level of cultural sensitivity and empathy towards the unique challenges faced by young women and girls, especially in the context of gender norms and societal expectations.

d. Adaptability and Flexibility:

- Flexibility in tailoring the workshop content and approach to suit the specific needs, interests, and backgrounds of the participants.

e. Passion for Empowerment and Equality:

- A genuine passion for promoting gender equality, women's empowerment and engagement, as demonstrated through their previous work and advocacy efforts.


5. Documents requested from interested trainer:

  • CV
  • Brief letter of interest
  • Quotation based on prices per hour.


6. General Terms:

  • Deadline to submit documents is Wednesday 29 November, 2023 at [email protected]
  • Expected start date of workshops is December, 2023
  • Fees and Compensation: Within the range of 50$ per hour, paid in cash USD, transportation fees covered


7. Questions/ Request for clarification:

If you require any clarifications, please feel free to submit your inquiries via email to the Project Manager, Miss Reem Haj Ali, at [email protected] , or reach out via WhatsApp or call at 76063060.

How to apply

 Interested Facilitator/Trainers should send their profile (CV, Letter of interest, Financial Offer, related certificates and MOF registration) to [email protected]  before the deadline.

Minister of Finance (MOF) registration is importantly requested by Donors

منتهية الصلاحية
آخر مدة للتقديم
الأربعاء, 29. نوفمبر 2023
نوع الدعوة
دعوة لتقديم الاستشارات
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
حل النزاعات, قضايا النوع الاجتماعي, حقوق الإنسان والحماية
Remuneration range:
< 1000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
3 months