The evaluation should determine the impact of the project upon the stakeholders by prioritizing the following theme for the evaluation: how far are the project strategies successful and can best practices be identified? Which are the challenges in meeting the project’s objectives? Given the relatively short duration of the project, the evaluation will not be able to conclusively determine the learning outcomes of the children or monitor academic performance over time. The keys users are the funding partners and ALPHA as an implementing organization. The findings will also be discussed with key stakeholder groups.

How to apply

The proposal of the bidding evaluation should contain the following: • A clear and precise technical proposal on how the evaluation will be carried out including a description of the technical expertise to be used, a detailed schedule and the suggested methodology to be applied with first suggestions on sample size(s) (including number of interviews, etc., data collection tools and data analysis tools and methods • A financial proposal (indicative budget), inclusive of all consultancy fees and expenses to cover the assignment, with a clear distinction between the two categories of costs. • Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the key persons to be involved in the consultancy and a clear description of their roles in the process. • An evaluation schedule with the number of days to be allocated to the different task (desk study, preparation of tools, data collection, data analysis, report writing). The bids must be submitted to ALPHA by email on August 27 th ,2023 at latest to the following email address [email protected].

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