Call for expression of interest (EOI) for a tender procedure for the renovation of a 3 story building

ALPHA was founded with the initial mission to improve adult literacy. The war of 2006 in Lebanon consolidated ALPHA in the role of project implementer for INGO programs. Strengthened by its long experience in the humanitarian field, the association envisions itself today as a Lebanese association responsible to realize the integration of the most vulnerable. Its mission is to provide humanitarian aid during crisis and wars but also to implement long term sustainable projects in the fields of education, psycho-social support, youth and child protection, health and WASH.

Since its inception, ALPHA has been deploying its efforts to assist vulnerable communities throughout the Lebanese territory, and later regionally in Iraq and Syria. Alongside its development interventions focusing on protection, education and child rights, ALPHA intervenes in times of acute humanitarian crisis to provide relief to disaster-stricken communities.

Since the aggravation of the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon in 2019 and the onset of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, ALPHA has been assisting vulnerable families in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, South Lebanon, Nabatieh, Bekaa Governorates and Iraq with awareness sessions, food, and hygiene parcels.

  1. EOI Objective

Alpha is currently developing a Sustainable Agri-Youth Center for environmental education and development in Lebanon. Located in Wadi El Karm, a Mount Lebanese village rich in traditional agriculture and biodiversity, the center will welcome socially vulnerable urban youth in need of relaxation and wellbeing.

Environmentally friendly, the center will engage visitors in nature-based leisure activities, as well as in activities raising awareness in resource management and agro-ecological practices. The scope of work includes:

Coordinate and complete the construction/renovation works at the center. Please note that the planning, permit and consulting services for Design have been performed and completed.

Shortlisted candidates from this EOI will be able to take part in the tender but only one company will be granted the award for the works under one contract.


To qualify for consideration in the tender procedure, interested candidates are required to submit the following information and documents for eligibility assessment:


  1. Official letter expressing interest.
  2. Filled EOI Questionnaire.
  3. Copy of company registration certificate / commercial circular.
  4. Copy of valid OEA registration
  5. Short CVs for the key staff.
  6. References of works with pictures of at least 3 projects of similar nature (Executed projects) as specified above, performed within the last five (5) years by the company – Please limit this document to maximum 6 pages A4 format (do not present the entire portfolio of the company).
  7. Tax registration number at the ministry of finance of the company and/or VAT registration number.

How to apply

How to apply:

Please download the documents found to the right of the page, and fill the “Questionnaire for contractors” form.
The requested information and documents shall be scanned and submitted to Alpha in PDF format on Sunday, December 5th by 23:59 Beirut Local Time at the latest to the following email address: 
[email protected].

The subject line must be clearly marked as follows: “Contracting firm for educational facility for Matn-Wadi El Karm”


Please do not send technical or price offer or other documents not requested.


Kindly refer to the table on the following page for more information on the selection process:


Expression of Interest: 

Opening Date:
Closing Date:
Shortlisted candidates  will be sent the Tender documents (plans and BOQ) on 16/12/2022

Technical submission:

Opening Date:
Closing Date:
During this phase, shorltisted candidates will submit all required documentation (specification sheets and material submittals) along  wiht any questions or inquiries.
Upon approval from the consultant, the candidate will be cleared to submit their finacial offer on 13/2/2023

Financial Submission:

Due date
Winner will be annouced on 24/2/2023 and works may begin
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