Online/offline campaign for “Youth Mock Parliament” project

The Youth Mock Parliament II (YMP II) in Lebanon project aims to increase young men's and women's leadership and participation in non-sectarian politics. The 3-years framework of the project leads toward the 2026 Parliamentary elections and an increased youth agency in promoting an inclusive citizenship-based state.

This process of youth empowerment, based on an inclusive citizenship plan, will also help build the youth activists' capacities in political dialogue, interreligious understanding, and public communication. They will practice this within a mock Parliament experience, where they will be exposed to real political challenges, mentored by lawmakers, to establish through consensus and democratic decision-making process a shared and inclusive plan of national youth priorities. 


Technical requirements:

  • Uplift the YMP brand book
  • Design the promotional materials (Roll-up, training manual, wall of fame, e-cards, etc)
  • Training module and trainees’ documents design and printing
  • Video filming and editing: interviews that showcase insights
  • Social media campaign
  • Upload Campaign material on website and its related social media
  • Online and offline campaign (Ideation, design and production)Mainstream media Campaign
  • Series of static posts (Stating How the Youth understand the Lebanese challenges: electricity, environment, health care, human rights, social, etc)
  • Launching the campaign for the second phase of the project


The work will start on  May 1 2023 and will end on December 31 2023.  During this period, the agency is expected to work on the project’s deliverables based on jointly agreed-upon dates.

The contact person will also make himself/herself available for coordination meetings with the team when needed. The dates can be agreed upon in coordination with both parties.


Activity 1: Organize lobbying events between the previously elected 64 YMP and the Lebanese Members of Parliament (MPs) to promote youth priorities.  

During the first year, the project will follow up on the 48 previously drafted laws through one-on-one meetings between the 64 graduated YMPs from YMP I and the sitting Lebanese MPs.


Activity 2: Engage the established YMPs committees in regular discussions with the Lebanese parliamentary committees to be part of the debate and to discuss draft laws.  

The project will organize meetings between Lebanese parliamentary committees and the 13 YMPs committees', which include ten members each, to discuss draft laws proposed by the Lebanese Members of Parliament (MPs). The discussions aim to debate the draft laws, discuss challenges, and engage in lobbying experience. 



The service provider will receive the amount of 30,000$  including VAT. This payment is made in USD and is subject to Lebanese fiscal law. Due taxes, bank charges or similar costs are deduced from the total fees amount.



How to apply

All submitted proposals should include agencies' portfolio and a detailed proposal with a budget breakdown

Please submit your proposals to [email protected] before May 4, 2023

Technical questions concerning this solicitation should be directed to [email protected]

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