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The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s worldwide cultural institute. We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and cultivate international cultural cooperation.  

The Goethe-Institut Libanon is implementing since 2019 the project FANTASMEEM, which is part of the global project “Cultural and Creative Industries.” The aim of FANTASMEEM is to support the design industry in Lebanon through targeted capacity building, fostering cultural, social, and environmental entrepreneurship, and encouraging collaborations and knowledge sharing.


Within the framework of FANTASMEEM, the Goethe-Institut is looking for two separate local partners to plan and facilitate the following two separate programs. One program will be assigned to each partner separately.

Deadline to Apply: 19 MARCH 2023

Partnership/ contract duration: between April and November 2023

Program 1: Pitching for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Description: A short training on pitching, storytelling, and securing investors; followed by a pitching event in front of investors (local, regional, international)
  • Target group: advanced/established female design entrepreneurs (up to 40 participants)
  • Objectives: To strengthen the pitching & storytelling skills of female design entrepreneurs, and enabling them to secure investors. To support women in obtaining leadership roles and develop their businesses.
  • Format: Online with 2 physical networking events (opening event & Pitching event)
  • Potential timeframe: One-month training (up to 10-15 hrs) in July, followed by a big pitching event (in-person) in front of investors by end of Aug/ early Sep

Program 2: Capacity Building Workshops 

  • Description: capacity building workshops on sustainability, business development, and social entrepreneurship in different design fields. Customized to 3 different groups of designers (Interior & Furniture, Architecture & landscape, Fashion, product design etc.).
  • Target group: Designers/creative professionals who have a project idea or an early-stage startup/freelance practice
  • Objectives: To strengthen the creative skills and entrepreneuial & business skills of designers in Lebanon, while enhancing the sustainability & social entrepreneship aspects in their creative practices, in order to scale up/ develop their projects and increase their income or prospects of employement.
  • Format: Online with 2 physical networking events (opening & closing event)
  • Potential timeframe: 3 months between mid-June to mid-September (20+ hours of training)


Each partner (separately) is expected to deliver the following services (Services 1 & 2 below) for a program they are assigned to (program 1 or program 2 above), in close coordination with FANTASMEEM team.

The following services are allocated a maximal remuneration fee of 15,000 EUR, as service fee for each selected partner (each program).

The costs for external stakeholders (trainers, experts, event costs, venues, catering etc.) is exclusive; and it will be covered separately by the Goethe-Institut, FANTASMEEM project.  

Service 1: Conceptualizing and Planning

  1. Conceptualize and structure the program’s content, components, training topics, and objectives
  2. Plan the overall budget & schedule and action-plan to achieve each component and intended outcomes.
  3. Launch a call for applications to select the program’s participants, followed by a needs assement and customization of the program’s plan.
  4. Identify and select experts, trainers, venues and relevant stakeholders/ service providers (in Lebanon or abroad) to conduct the program’s sessions/activities. This includes requesting offers from different providers, screening, and selecting candidates in accordance to Goethe-Institut’s procurement regulations and instructions (fair competitions based on payment thresholds). Contracts and payments wil be handled by the Goethe-Institut.
  5. Prepare necessary program materials and support FANTASMEEM’s graphic designer to create a digital booklet involiving the program’s details and bios of involved stakeholders.

Service 2: Implementing and Facilitating

  1. Coordinate and communicate continuously with experts, stakeholders, and all service providers to ensure compliance of the services conducted
  2. Handle all communication and correspondence with participants, ensure they follow deadlines and guidelines, and collect documents from them on a timely manner as needed.
  3. Ensure visibility and exposure for participants’ profiles and businesses, by orienting networking events towards giving exposure to relavant actors (partners, investors, funders, scholarships, etc.), and inviting relevant guest speakers, and planning matchmaking opportunities etc.
  4. Coordinate with FANTASMEEM communication assistant to ensure social media exposure of the program’s activities and participants’ profiles.
  5. Ensure constant monitoring throughout the programme on various levels and setting up corrective/remedial actions if needed
  6. supporting FANTASMEEM team in the M&E processes (i.e. collecting feedbacks, conducting and chanelling surveys etc.)
  7. Report timely to FANTASMEEM team


  • At least five years of professional experience in offering capacity building and mentoring programs to entrepreneurs, creative professionals, designers etc. with a focus on business support and development.
  • Proven experience in the conception, development, and successful implementation of training programs in the cultural and creative field in Lebanon. (Cooperation with local and/or international partners or NGOs is a plus.)
  • For Program 1: Experience in implementing pitching programs and competitions, and securing investors. Experience in women empowerment programs and women-led entrepreneurship
  • For Program 2: Experience in conducting programs or trainings relevant to green & social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and business development
  • Knowledge of the design and cultural scene in Lebanon is a plus
  • Experience in implementing online and hybrid education formats
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic communication
  • Available to start immediately

How to apply

Application Process

Candidates can choose to apply to one or both programs.

Applications shall be sent (in English) to [email protected] with he documents described below as PDF latest by 19 March 2023 (COB). Only complete applications sent before the end of the deadline will be considered

  • If you’re bidding on one program, use this subject line: “Partner – Program name”
  • If you’re bidding on both programs, send separate documents for each program in one email with the subject line “Partner – Programs 1 & 2”. Each document shall clearly indicate its relevant program.

The following 3 documents shall be submitted for each program you choose to bid for:

  1. Concept Note: incl. your proposition for the program, the main suggested ideas, components, and activities of the program to successfully achieve results. This shall be combined with a “Letter of Interest”; one paragraph briefly explaining your interest in partnering with the Goethe-Institut and your approach in implementing programs in the field of CCI and business support.
  2. Financial Offer (in EUR): Incl. the fee for each service with an overall total for each program (maximal fee for one program is 15,000 EUR)
  3. Portfolio of the Institution: showing history of relevant implemented projects, in addition to professional references from international organizations if available

The Goethe-Institut reserves the right to ask for additional documentation after submission.

The selection will be based on 3 elements: 50% for quality of the proposal; 30% for financial offer; 20% for experience & relevance of the organization and its team to the program’s objectives

FANTASMEEM is part of the global project “Cultural and Creative Industries”. The project “Cultural and Creative Industries” is implemented by the GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. It improves employment and income opportunities for creative professionals in six partner countries; Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa and operates mainly in the music, fashion, design and animation sectors. In addition to promoting the development of entrepreneurial, digital, creative and technical skills through training programmes, the project aims to strengthen the framework conditions and the ecosystem of the cultural and creative industries. 

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الأحد, 19. Mar 2023
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> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
April 2023 - November 2023