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MSI seeks a Social Media Marketing firm to support MEPL and USAID/Lebanon with social media services including online advertising, monitoring and reporting, networking, media relations, and design support. The SMM support is intended to enhance Lebanese public awareness of USAID’s assistance to Lebanon and the activities and achievements of the Agency’s programs in sectors such as education, agriculture, microfinance, water and sanitation, reforestation, and good governance. The selected firm should have a proven track record with social media and digital marketing in the Lebanese market and working with international development programs and donors, preferably with USAID and in relevant sectors as noted above. Offerors should propose creative, innovative, interactive, and cost-effective approaches to achieve the outcomes and deliver the services noted below, while complying with USAID branding and marking guidelines and other relevant USAID public outreach requirements. The social media activities to be provided by the firm will primarily target the Lebanese public, including but not limited to local municipalities, organizations, youth, and public officials.

The expected outcomes of this SMM support include:

• Enhanced page awareness and increased number of visitors and likes on USAID/Lebanon’s Facebook page;

• Increased awareness of and engagement with published online content on USAID/Lebanon’s Facebook page and across diverse social media platforms;

• Enhanced reach of USAID/Lebanon’s campaigns for its different activities, through innovative and cost-effective approaches to reach target audiences;

• Effective design and implementation of social media and digital media plans; and

• Expanded partnerships with influencers, bloggers, and other media outlets to further awareness of and engagement with USAID/Lebanon through their platforms.


The selected firm will provide SMM services to MEPL and USAID/Lebanon, in close coordination with MSI’s Beirut-based Development and Outreach Communications Specialist, that will include but may not be limited to the following:

A. Social Media Strategy – Provide assistance and advice on assessing USAID/Lebanon’s current social media performance; developing a social media strategy for the Mission and its implementing partners where needed; and generating ideas and suggesting innovative and cost-effective tools and approaches to enhance the online presence of USAID/Lebanon and its programs.

B. Social Media Advertising – Provide page boosting, ad purchases, and other online advertising services to increase USAID/Lebanon’s Facebook page exposure and selected posts’ reach. (This may include monthly post boosting activities (approximately 4 to 6 posts), and Facebook page boosting campaign (approximately every 1.5 months)

C. Social Media Monitoring and Reporting – Provide social media performance reports for USAID/Lebanon (approximately 2 to 5 reports per year) and its implementing partners where needed, and advise on ideas and approaches that would enhance the social media presence of USAID/Lebanon and its programs.

D. Social Media Networking – Provide support in connecting with relevant bloggers and online influencers that would support USAID/Lebanon’s communication strategy.

E. Digital Advertising – Provide support in developing, executing and reporting on digital campaigns to promote different USAID-funded projects, in coordination with MEPL (approximately 2 to 5 campaigns per year).

F. Media Relations – Provide support in securing media coverage through media relations efforts.

G. Media Campaigns – Provide support in launching TV and radio campaigns when requested (approximately 1 to 3 campaigns per year).

H. Design Support – Provide support in creating content such as infographics, visuals, or animated posts (e.g., greeting cards) for social media (approximately 3 to 7 requests per year).

In carrying out the above services, the selected firm will be required to provide associated deliverables that may include but not necessarily be limited to:

• End of campaign/media plan reports

• Assessment report of USAID’s social media platform (mainly Facebook page)

How to apply

MSI will conduct source selection for award on the basis of the criteria and instructions set forth in the solicitation which can be found by visiting MSI’s online procurement system.

A PDF version of this RFP is included with this call for proposal.

To submit a proposal for this solicitation on MSI's procurement site, please click HERE. You must have an account or register to use the procurement site. If you are new, click on CREATE ACCOUNT to register.

Submission Deadline: March 30, 2022, 5:00 PM EDT

Question accepted up to (date and time): March 14, 2022, 5:00 PM EST

Anticipated Period of Performance: April 5, 2022 to September 30, 2022; with possible option year extensions

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