In the frame of this project, Syrian activists will be provided with a training on Result Based Management and MEAL. This will strengthen the activists’ capacities to manage their programs, evaluate their progress and assess the impact of their work on the beneficiaries and stakeholders. The training will have 20 participants representing at least 10 CSOs and CBOs.

Objectives of the consultancy

To offer a training workshop that builds the capacity of the participants in terms of RBM, and MEAL. The goal is to assist partners in enhancing their organizational capacities in order to secure sustainable funding, improve project management skills, and expand their networks with donor, hence increasing their support to women and girls affected by the crisis in Syria in a manner that does not compromise human dignity; does not take away their voice; and works in line with internationally recognized humanitarian standards.

Scope of work

  • Enhance the trainees’ understanding of what RBM is, its value to programming, and how it helps their organization achieve its desired results
  • Enable the trainees to develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate a strategic plan using RBM principles.
  • Enhance the trainees understanding of the purpose, content, and function of a MEAL plan
  • Enable the trainees to develop a comprehensive MEAL plan and budget for a project or program


  • The training will be implemented Mid-August in Beirut or online depending on the COVID 19 regulations.


Deadline for submission: 27th of July 2021

      Qualifications, Background and Experience:

  • Excellent written and spoken English skills required
  • Fluency in Arabic and ability to train in Arabic
  • Extensive experience working on the context in Syria and on the Syrian refugee crisis is a must
  • High knowledge of women’s rights issues is an asset
  • More than 10 years of experience in non-governmental organizational capacity building particularly in terms of RBM, MEAL, fundraising and budgeting

How to apply

The candidates interested in this training should provide the following information to the email [email protected] :

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Financial proposal
  • Concept Note including training plan

Registered consultants and consultancy firms are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

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