AIM provides support to Lebrelief in the legal shortlisting of applications.

Lebrelief in collaboration with Acted will support the immediate shelter needs that emerged as a result of the August 4th 2020 port explosion, providing household rehabilitation for damaged houses. 
Works in shelters will include major internal works, including rehabilitation of internal non-structural walls, doorways, and electrical works etc. Shelters will be prioritized in the first phase that ensure the safety of the most vulnerable households.

The intervention will support around 225 households (with the potential of increasing this number) in the most affected areas of Beirut after the explosion.The rehabilitation process will be as follows:

  1. A detailed technical assessment will be undertaken by LEBRELIEF engineers.
  2. BoQs will be developed to bring shelters to its original standards in consultation with residents to ensure adjustments tailored to age, gender, or disability specific needs
  3. The present call for tender aims at selecting several contractor(s) based on unit prices, capacity of rehabilitation of households and quality of works, that would be awarded the equivalent orders, based on the defined BoQ, throughout the project until 28/02/2021.
  4. Contractors from, or within proximity to, the target neighbourhood, hiring local workers, in order to benefit the local economy, will be favored.

LEBRELIEF is requesting through this tender a company to provide detailed written quotations for the supply of the following products until 28/02/2021.

How to apply

Suppliers must answer all the items of the offer form for contract awarding ( Instructions attached)

  • The Bidding documents are filled in English. (compulsory)
  • The attached Offer Form template filled in, signed and stamped on all pages including all the product specifications, the price per unit, quantity proposed and unit, and total price (Compulsory);
  • The present Instructions to bidders signed and stamped on all pages (Compulsory);
  • The attached Bidder’s Questionnaire, Checklist and Ethical Declaration filled in, signed and stamped on all pages (Compulsory);
  • A written quotation (Offer Form) including all the product specifications, the Unit and price (USD) per unit (Compulsory);
  • A catalogue or sample of the product or if there are different options, a sample or catalogue of each option needs to be submitted; (Optional)
  • A COPY of Company registration documents and license are included & A copy of the ID of the legal representative. (Compulsory)
  • Contractors must complete required documentation in full. Quotations with missing information, and late offers will not be considered.

The offer must be submitted to LEBRELIEF by email to [email protected] CC: [email protected] , [email protected] [email protected]  with T/11FWC/SHELTER REHABILITATION/16-11-2020/001 and the purpose of the offer.





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