Context & Background:

The Nabaa neighborhood is strategically located near the eastern gate of the center of Beirut at an important cluster of principal roads connecting with major hubs and regions. Nabaa is a planned neighborhood that is well structured. It is a poor residential area characterized by deteriorated infrastructure and inadequate access to basic urban services offering poor living conditions for its residents. 

This neighborhood also includes small shops and workshops that constitute part of its economic base. Many residents work in the service industry in other areas of Beirut. The number of small businesses has increased in the recent years, however most do not survive for more than five years. A complex socio-cultural environment, reported high unemployment and school drop-out rates.

The neighborhood of Nabaa is located in the eastern suburbs of Beirut within Bourj Hammoud cadaster. It is a densely built up residential area in Greater Beirut, accommodating low income population groups including poor Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi refugees and foreign migrant workers from African and Asian countries.

Commercial activities at a street level consist of shops and small industries dispersed across the area. These predominantly serve locals, but also a city-wide array of consumers seeking affordable products and services. All shops and workshops in the neighborhood are micro sized, with 10 employees or fewer. The livelihood sector in Bourj Hammoud is experiencing an evident decline of local artisans, leading to the extinction of craftsmanship and an increase in unemployment. In terms of the number of commercial premises, shops account for 83% of economic activities in the neighborhood, which are divided into different categories, including food and groceries, boutiques, beauty salons, electronics and phones, hardware-furniture and storage, and restaurants and cafes. There were also miscellaneous categories for example, laundry, financial services, jewelry stores, and gyms. There is also a number of workshops that account for 17% of commercial premises.

B&Z is willing to establish sewing businesses in Nabaa area, the beneficiaries of these businesses include 29 Syrian and 1 Lebanese vulnerable women living in Nabaa who are trained for making different kinds of clothes in different levels: patch work, accessories, sewing levels 1 and 2, upcycling and crochet.


Objectives of the Market Assessment:

Basmeh and Zeitooneh aims to conduct a thorough market assessment in Nabaa and surrounding areas (Borj Hammoud), in order to understand and map the entrepreneurial and financial actors present in the area discovering market opportunities and potential market sectors towards which direct its livelihood action currently including a sewing workshop project. The results of this assessment will be the base for designing production for sewing workshop that B&Z is planning to establish in Nabaa as well as for identifying new training cycles in business development, since the outcomes of the assessment will help the staff to direct the beneficiaries towards competitive productive sectors. 


First Objective: To elaborate a market study in Naba’a and surrounding areas which will identify competitive productive sectors and map the entrepreneurial and financial actors already acting in the area:

  • Naba’a Market and businesses mapping: identify & map entrepreneurial and financial actors acting in the area, gaps, needs and potential market segments for the socio-economic inclusion of women, young and PwSNs 
  • Marketing analysis: Is it in Naba’a room for new small business in clothes/accessories/other products? What kind of products will be more requested by the buyers or will be more competitive? What is the more competitive price range? .....
  • Marketing strategy: What kind of business/small enterprise will be most suitable for the local market? In which sectors? What kind of grant is most suitable for new start-ups? What are the most suitable areas/streets for shops? How much is the average rent for small shops/ateliers?

Second objective: Develop a business plan for B&Z’s Sewing project, demonstrating its sustainability and viability, ensuring that the following components are covered:

  • Product identification. This should include a description of the selected products and the reasons for selecting them.
  • Market analysis: review of local market demand and information to help select an economically viable product for the business. This will include interviews with key market actors, understanding competition, initial identification of market options…
  • Operational plan: How will the operations of the business function? What is the production plan?
  • Organisational plan: What is the operational structure for this business? What are the roles and responsibilities? What’s the organigram for the business?
  • Financials: Costs and pricing of the produce, Sales forecast, Profit & Loss and other financials that could demonstrate the viability of the project
  • Marketing strategy: What marketing activities will be implemented? Who in the enterprise will implement them? How logistics will work to get our produce to the market?

Third objective: To build B&Z’s capacity to develop a business plan which will inform the project’s strategy, ensuring that the following components are covered:

  • Product identification: how to identify which products should be selected for a business?
  • Market analysis: how to collect market data, analyse it and identify market demands
  • Operational plan: what should be analysed and how to design the operations of the business? How to define the production plan?
  • Organizational plan: how to define an operational structure, Roles and responsibilities, Organigram for the business?
  • Financials: How to prepare financials for a business? Which data should be forecasted and analysed?
  • Marketing strategy: how to prepare a simple marketing strategy? How logistics will work to get the produce to the market?

Scope and Focus of the Consultancy

The consultant will provide a market study (including market analysis and strategy) for B&Z Community center staff in addition to Beneficiary Group. The focus will be on the specific business being developed within the parameters of the size of the project.


The consultant will conduct the market assessment in the targeted area mapping the entrepreneurial and financial actors present and discovering market opportunities and potential market sectors towards which direct BZ livelihood action. The consultant will then facilitate the overview of the business plans of the 30 female participants with a collaborative and coaching approach. He/she will be meeting / e-meeting on a regular basis with B&Z coachee(s), and relevant project participants coach him/her/them, split the tasks and develop the business plan. They will share with the wider project team the results of the process including identifying key points for consideration in project strategy, which the business plan seeks to inform. 


Expected deliverables 

  • The Market Study and analysis of Nabaa and surroundings (Bourj Hammoud) 
  • Overview of the business plans with components outlined above 
  • A review of current project strategy with any suggested recommendations and key factors to consider for the implementation of the future project steps.
  • A presentation of the results of the process with relevant staff and beneficiaries 

Qualification of consultant

  • Experience in elaborating market information and analysis and relevant technical expertise 
  • Previous experience in working in Nabaa or similar areas.
  • Previous experience working in refugee context desirable.
  • Previous experience in participatory processes and developing business plans 
  • Willingness to work in participatory way that supports capacity strengthening

How to apply

If you wish to apply, please send your technical & financial offer to [email protected] 

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