Call For Applicants For The 2012 Summer School On Law And Armed Conflict

Summer School on Law and Armed Conflict
3 September – 15 September 2012
To participate in the Summer School, please fill out the online application form (in Arabic) at the following link:
Deadline to submit application: 30 June 2012

Amel House of Human Rights, part of Amel Association, is organizing the Summer School on Law and Armed Conflict, for its second running year, between the 3rd and 15th of September 2012. The Summer School 2012 provides a unique opportunity to law graduates, lawyers, researchers and human right advocates in Lebanon and the MENA region to take advantage of the lectures, in-depth study and advanced training in International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal law.

Program of the Summer school in 2011

الأهداف العامة: 
In light of continuous armed conflicts and violence in Lebanon and the MENA region, the MENA World is in need to increase the number and efficiency of lawyers and experts in international legal framework for protection from conflict and its impact. The Summer School on law and armed conflicts seeks to provide law graduates as well as human right defenders and researchers with expertise and knowledge required to work and research in the legal framework in order to offer protection to civilians and civilian objects during armed conflicts and emergency situations. Therefore, the summer school presents an in-depth insight into the international – and to a certain extent, local – legislative frameworks which govern all aspects of the conflict: Qualification of the conflict, conduct of hostilities, protection of civilian populations, the means and methods of combat, peacekeeping, international criminal law, international crimes and the international justice system. It will also debate the procedures of achieving justice for the victims of armed conflicts regarding capacity in Lebanon and the MENA region to monitor and document violation of international law during the conflict, whether in law firms or research centers, international organizations or associations of local and regional operating in Lebanon and the MENA world.
The two week Summer School will take place from Monday 3rd of September 2012 until Saturday 15th of September 2012, hosting lectures given by local and international university professors and experts alongside representatives of international organizations and United Nations agencies. It also includes in-depth case studies, and moot courts.
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اثنين, 03/09/2012 - 3:00am
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القانون والشؤون القانونية
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Beirut LB
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The 2011 edition of Summer School on Law and Conflict benefited from the generous support and contribution of: • Human Rights Clinic of La Sagesse University’s law school • Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (Beirut regional bureau) • Beirut Regional Office of Amnesty International • Beirut Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross • Beirut Regional Office of the International Center for Transitional Justice • Human Rights Center of the Beirut Arab University law faculty • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees • Justice without Frontiers • Ruwad Frontiers For the detailed program of 2011 check: