Amel House of Human Rights, which is a part of Amel Association, is organizing a two week Summer School on Law and Conflict, 11th - 22nd July 2011.
Lebanon and the Middle East region continue to suffer and struggle with the phenomenon of armed conflicts. There is hence a need for skilled jurists with a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework pertaining to conflict and its consequences. In order to contribute to and develop this legal knowledge locally, the Summer School on Law and Conflict will offer an in-depth insight into the international

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The Summer School on Law and Conflict aims to provide mainly graduates of law, but also human rights activists and researchers, with the knowledge and legal framework for the protection of civilians, refugees and other vulnerable groups during armed conflicts or emergency situations, and for the fulfillment of justice for victims of conflict. We seek to empower rights defenders in times of conflict, in order to have better legal documentation and reporting in times of conflict, including in law firms, research centers, international organizations, and local and regional NGOs operating in Lebanon.
Content and Methodology The two week Summer School course will consist of (1) lectures given by Lebanese and international university professors and practitioners in international organizations, and (2) moot courts, exercises and case studies. The Summer School will cover the following themes:
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اثنين, 11/07/2011 - 3:00am
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