Are you passionate about cooking? Do you want to showcase your culinary skills, and win jury recognition and financial awards? Look no further! 

We're excited to announce our food innovation challenge in partnership with Kiri designed for food enthusiasts of all levels. 

About the Challenge

Innovate wholesome sweets recipes using  Kiri products.

How it works

Create an innovative recipe for sweets and desserts using Kiri products.

To apply, please send an email to Bedayati at [email protected], providing recipe

An internal committee of industry experts will evaluate and select 6 to 10 participants to take part in a live cooking competition.

Selected applicants will be announced on 1 July 2024.

Live Cooking Competition (July 8)

Candidates will be invited to prepare their recipes in front of a jury of experts

Jury will vote and choose three winners that will be announced at the end of the event.

Launch your Culinary Start-up


Naya, Bedayati Kitchen in Caracas, Beirut.

Eligibilith criteria:

Adults and youth ages 18+

Culinary skills/talent

Background in food related services

Quality of culinary startup idea

Market Potential


Why take part of the challenge

Personal Development

Gain food-innovation experience and recognition through participation in real-world challenges while honing essential innovation skills

Receive expert mentoring from professionals, as well as potential career opportunities (internships/full-time positions)

Develop your skills in designing solutions that meet the needs of your target users for free 

Gain inspiration by different ways of thinking about the same problem, make new contacts in the industry

Cash Prize

First prize $300

2nd prize $200

Third prize $100

How to apply

To apply, please send an email to Bedayati at [email protected], providing:

1. Written submission: CV and recipe

2. OR/and video submission: Participants present themselves and their recipe in a short video (under 10 minutes)

Participants must complete their submissions by June 26 in order to be elegible

3. For more information: 70389007

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