Request for Quotation for Car Rental under Framework Contract

René Moawad Foundation (RMF) is a Lebanese non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization that was established on November 22, 1991 two years after President René Moawad’s assassination, who was elected President of the Lebanese Republic on November 5, 1989 and killed 17 days later. President René Moawad believed in a strong and democratic state and fought for a progressive and modern Lebanon, a peaceful Lebanon, which embraces the values of democracy, human rights, moderation and pluralism.

René Moawad Foundation intends to launch a Request for Quotation for Car Rental Services in Lebanon with the aim of signing a framework contract for 1 year.

Rene Moawad Foundation is pleased to invite you to submit a quotation no later than Friday, June 17, 2022.

The procedures applied by RMF in the present RFQ are inspired by the principles of:

  • Transparency in the procurement procedures;
  • Proportionality between procedures followed to attribute agreements and the value of the contracts;
  • Equal treatment and non-discrimination of potential Service Providers.

A. Content


  1. Services to be provided


    1. RMF invites interested Service Providers to submit an offer for Car Rental Services, as specified in ANNEX III.  
  1. Timetable:




Date of Issue

Wednesday, 7th of June 2022, 


Deadline for asking for Clarifications 

Monday, 13th of June 2022

Clarifications to be made via email at [email protected] 

Last date on which Clarifications are issued by RMF

Tuesday 14th of June 2022

Answers will be sent to Bidder who asked for clarifications 

Deadline for submission of Offers

Friday 17th of June 2022 


Contract start date (estimated)

July 2022

To be confirmed


How to apply


    1. Offers shall be sent to the email: [email protected] before the deadline specified in the timetable above. 

 - RMF may extend the deadline for submission of offers by issuing an amendment.

    1. The documentation to be submitted to RMF shall include:


      1. ANNEX I Service Provider Information Form.
      2. A copy of the VAT Number and /or a copy of the MOF Registration Number.
      3. A copy of the ID of the legal representative
      4. ANNEX II Financial Identification Form
      5. ANNEX III Financial and Technical offer. Prices shall be expressed in United States Dollars (USD)


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