Call for Experts: Training Coordinator

About Adyan

Adyan, Foundation for diversity, solidarity and human dignity, works locally, regionally and internationally for pluralism, inclusive citizenship, community resilience, and spiritual solidarity, through homegrown solutions in education, media, policymaking, and intercultural and interreligious relations. Adyan is registered in Lebanon as a non-profit and nongovernmental organization (NGO), under registration number 1103 by a ministerial decree dated 18 September 2008.


About Youth Mock Parliament 2 (YMP 2) project

The Youth Mock Parliament II (YMP II) in Lebanon project aims to increase young men's and women's (18-35 years old) leadership and participation in non-sectarian politics. The 3-years framework of the project leads toward the 2026 Parliamentary elections and an increased youth agency in promoting an inclusive citizenship-based state.

This process of youth empowerment, based on an inclusive citizenship plan, will also help build the youth activists' capacities in political dialogue, interreligious understanding, and public communication. They will practice this within a mock Parliament experience, where they will be exposed to real political challenges, mentored by lawmakers, to establish through consensus and democratic decision-making process a shared and inclusive plan of national youth priorities.



The YMP Leadership training Program is a comprehensive training program designed to equip young individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective leaders in their communities and prepare them to youth mock parliament journey, with a focus on public speaking, public policies, and campaigning, this program aims to empower youth to enact positive change and make a meaningful impact on society, the training coordinator is hired to organize, coordinate and implement the training program in collaboration with the project manager.



The training coordinator is expected to handle the below tasks:

To coordinate or manage the training program for 250 youth (men and women) for a youth mock parliament divided into 5 regions in the country, focusing on orientation, citizenship and politics, debate club, and parliamentary dynamics.

  1. Organize the training schedule and coordinate group assignments.
  2. Develop pre and post-tests in collaboration with trainers and Monitoring Team
  3. Conduct outreach and selection of qualified trainers
  4. Coordinate with procurement department and project manager for training venue logistics
  5. Liaise with project manager and finance department for financial matters  
  6. Prepare narrative and contribute in financial reports, both midterm and end of term



Milestone 1:  Finalize training package and schedule logistics  

Milestone 2:  Finalize trainers’ agreements and supervise content development

Milestone 3:  Coordinate regional trainings, manage invitations, and compile training materials

Milestone 4:  Conduct debate club activity

Milestone 5:  Prepare final narrative report

Copyrights and confidentiality

All the data and information shared or produced in the framework of this ToR are exclusively the property of Adyan Foundation. The expert has to commit to full confidentiality related to this project, besides what Adyan makes public from its results. 


Code of conduct

The expert agrees to fully respect Adyan’s ethos and code of conduct that is considered an integral part of this contract.


Duration of Assignment:

A total of 40 working days for a duration of the 6 months assignment Starting from June 1st 2024.


Training program

1. Orientation:

Ensure participants understand ADYAN Values and concepts, the purpose, structure, and objectives of the youth mock parliament. Familiarize participants with the rules and procedures of parliamentary debates.

  1.1 - Introduction about Adyan foundation and the project objectives and expectations.

   1.2- YMP Electoral Law induction session

   1.3- Code of Conduct 


2.Citizenship and politics

Educate participants on the importance of inclusive citizenship, civic engagement, and their role in the political process. And provide an understanding of the political landscape, including key political concepts, structures, and institutions.

2.1- Active and Inclusive citizenship training

2.2- Diversity management training

2.3- Social contract workshop

2.4- Governance systems

2.5 -Electoral Laws


3.Candidates skills package.

3.1- Techniques for effective communication and public speaking.

3.2-Campaigning Strategies.

3.3- Utilizing social media and digital platforms for outreach and mobilization.

3.4- Understanding the basics of public policy formulation and implementation.

3.5-Leadership Development:

   - Identifying personal strengths and areas for growth as a leader.

   - Building resilience and adaptability in leadership roles.

   - Conflict resolution and consensus-building skills.


4.Debate club

Equip participants with effective debate skills, including research, argumentation, and public speaking.

Foster critical thinking and respectful discourse among participants.

5 workshops tackling debatable issues

1- Energy (Gas and oil and electricity)

2- Personal status laws

3- Political parties and its influence in the sphere of the political life

4- Climate change and environmental challenges in Lebanon

5- Freedom of Expression

From each topic 2 groups will debate the topic


5.Parliamentary dynamics (after elections for the winners)

Parliamentary Dynamics (Post-Elections):

Guide winners of the mock parliament elections in assuming their roles and responsibilities.

Facilitate the transition from training to active participation in parliamentary sessions.

- Legislative drafting workshop

- Parliamentary dynamics and procedure


Competencies and Skills:

  • Organizational Skills: Ability to efficiently manage multiple tasks, schedules, and resources.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills for effective interaction with trainers, participants, and stakeholders.
  • Leadership Skills: Capacity to lead and motivate a team of trainers and support staff.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Aptitude to identify and address challenges that arise during the training process.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Ability to build positive relationships with diverse stakeholders, including youth participants, trainers, project managers, and procurement/finance departments.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility to adjust plans and strategies based on changing circumstances or feedback.
  • Attention to Detail: Thoroughness in managing logistical details, documentation, and reporting requirements.
  • Time Management: Effective prioritization and allocation of time to meet deadlines and milestones.
  • Negotiation Skills: Capability to negotiate agreements with trainers, vendors, and other partners.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders to ensure smooth coordination and implementation of the training program.



Training Coordination: Prior experience in coordinating training programs or similar educational initiatives.

Youth Development: Understanding of youth development principles and best practices in youth engagement and empowerment.

Parliamentary Procedures: Familiarity with parliamentary rules and procedures, or willingness to learn and understand them.

Education/Pedagogy: Knowledge of pedagogical methods and strategies for effective adult learning.

Project Management: Basic project management skills, including planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Event Management: Experience in organizing events or workshops, including logistical planning and coordination.

Financial Management: Basic understanding of budgeting, financial reporting, and procurement processes.

Cultural Sensitivity: Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity, particularly in working with youth from different backgrounds or regions.


How to apply: Send a cover letter describing previous similar experiences and a brief methodology on how to organize the training package in addition to an ypdated Resume to [email protected]

Before 22 May 2024

How to apply

How to apply: Send a cover letter describing previous similar experiences and a brief methodology on how to organize the training package in addition to an ypdated Resume to [email protected]

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Remuneration range:
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Duration of Contract:
6 - months