Tender Number: POA/T024-003

Peace of Art is inviting offers for requesting bids for the supply of tree saplings under its project “Roots to Rivers”, in collaboration with WeWorld.

We are seeking saplings to support our reforestation efforts and environmental conservation initiatives.



Quantity: 1200

Species: Kindly share separate offers for: Pines, Cedars, Olives, Cypress, Leyland cypress

Size: Saplings of age 3 months to 1 year

Quality: The saplings must be healthy, disease-free, and suitable for transplantation.

Delivery: Provide details on delivery logistics, including the proposed timeline and any associated costs.


Tree saplings should be delivered to the Peace of Art office in Ain, Baalbeck.

Prices are requested in USD and should include VAT. Quotes must be accompanied by a letterhead displaying the company's name, phone number, and email.

Please ensure that the price of each tree sapling should not exceed $2.

The contracted supplier will be selected based on the most competitive price that aligns with the specified requirements in this call.

Suppliers are required to have: (Obligatory) 

- Company License Registration

- Commercial Registration

- Certificate of Registration with the Ministry of Finance

- Certificate of registration with VAT


Name, Address and contact details of the ordering party:

Peace of Art – www.peaceofartinternational.org 

Ain, Baalbek-Hermel

[email protected] 

How to apply

To apply or for any clarifications, kindly send your signed & stamped quotes or offers with a letter head including name of company, phone number and address as a sealed envelope to Peace of Art's office in Ain, or by email to: [email protected] with the subject: "Native Tree Saplings Tender Number: POA/T024-003"

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