Request for Quotation Menstrual Hygiene and Incontinence Kits

NCA invites interested suppliers to submit a quotation for menstrual hygiene and incontinence kits as per attached RFQ.

How to apply

The Supplier shall complete and submit the following documents with the quotation:

  1. This request for quotation form including the technical data form (to be signed and stamped by the Bidder)
  2. Financial offer form (Annex 1) (Price to be inserted by the bidder signed and stamped).
  3. General terms and conditions for supply contracts, Code of conduct Annex #2,3
  4. Copy of a valid commercial registration 2024.
  5. Copy of the ID of the company owner.
  6. Samples for all the requested items
  7. Letter of confirmation from the Bank.

Offers shall be submitted in a sealed envelope containing three envelopes (each envelope should be sealed and marked as per below):

  1. Administrative Envelope: It contains all the required documents except for the technical and financial offers.
  2. Technical Envelope: it contains the technical offer (samples to be provided separately).
  3. Financial Envelope: It contains the financial offers Annex 1

Quotations must be received at the address mentioned below by hand not later than the closing date and time. Any quotation received after that time will not be considered.

Interested bidders can send emails asking for the financial offer to be shared in an excel format.

Offers shall be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing the following information:

Norwegian Church Aid

Achrafieh, Zahrat al Ihsan Street, facing Namat Beirut,

Contact person: NCA procurement department, Tel: +961 76 615 941

RFQ no.: RFQ-LEB-2024-007

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الاثنين, 15. أبريل 2024
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