Request for Quotation : RFQ2024012RAM FOOD PARCELS- سلل غذائية RAMADAN 202422

The office of SAWA for Dev & Aid in Beirut invites qualified and eligible vendors and manufacturers, registered with the Lebanese Government, to make a firm offer for the supply and delivery of 280  Food Parcels with a fixed price till the end of April  2024 year  


How to apply

RFQs must be signed and fully stamped and sent to the below emails : 

[email protected] Cc [email protected][email protected] 


Suppliers meeting the eligibility requirements below can contact the Procurement Department on 76-939720

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for consideration of this tender, a tenderer should meet the following requirements:

1. Company VAT Registered and has a financial number.
2. Flexible in payments
3. Has a working experience with NGOs.
4. Clear quotation stamped and signed by the company name.
5. Samples to be provided with the tender / if no samples provided, the bidder will be automatically disqualified 
6. Distribution and labor cost should be included and mentioned on the quotations.
7. Quotations must also include the packaging of the parcels

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