NAHNOO is a registered Lebanese Non-Governmental & Non-Profit Organization. NAHNOO has been working since 2009 as a research, capacity-building and advocacy platform for participatory policymaking, towards an inclusive society in Lebanon. The NGO rallies volunteers across Lebanon and through multidisciplinary and participatory research, capacity-building workshops, and grassroots activities, we provide a platform for youth and professionals to lead the planning and implementation of advocacy campaigns and gain the skills needed to impact policy-making at the local and national levels.

Further info: www.nahnoo.org + Facebook NAHNOO


Objective/purpose of consultancy:

NAHNOO seeks the services of a Facilitator consultant for 11 public discussions in 8 governorates in Lebanon to open the dialogue about municipalities empowerment for improved local governance and discussing the corresponding draft law proposed by NAHNOO, between the local communities and their municipalities.


Project Background

In Lebanon, local governance is regarded from the sole regional institutions which are municipalities. In the context of the socio-economic and humanitarian crises which have been affecting Lebanon, it was clear that municipalities were the first authorities managing and controlling these crises locally.

This showed the necessity to advocate for strengthening municipalities in order for them to use their resources and operate efficiently. This will lead to improved public service delivery. This means that Lebanon should ensure municipalities’ sustainability and good governance while taking geographical, economic, social, environmental, financial complexities into account.

Therefore, NAHNOO is working on several studies in this field and will be presenting solid recommendations laying out the roadmap for an updated and sustainable strategy for an improved municipal work in Lebanon. The NGO will promote these recommendations through the launch of an awareness campaign with a coalition of advocates.

Project General Objective: To contribute to an improved framework for an accountable and transparent local administrative governance system for Lebanon in a context of a socio-economic and humanitarian crisis.

Project Specific Objective: To reinforce the awareness & engagement of stakeholders as decision-makers (Municipalities & their Unions, Members of Parliament), local CSOs and citizens in Lebanon in order to bridge the existing gaps within the Lebanese local governance model.


Scope of work, format and key tasks:

Consultant’s responsibilities include:

  • Preparation through brainstorming meetings with NAHNOO before the events,
  • Assisting in the outreach of attendees
  • Participate in the moderation of the discussions
  • Debriefing with NAHNOO’s feedback based on the outcome of the discussion after the discussions


Period and duration of consultancy

The period of the consultancy begins on September 1st till October 31st, 2023

Specific deliverable will be agreed upon between NAHNOO and the Consultant according to identified project needs.

NB: 1 full day of work = 8 hours


Qualifications/level requirements

Academic background & Experience

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree, preferably with a social studies academic background and similar: Political Science, Public Health, Social Sciences, International Affairs, Economics, Business Management, Cultural, Architecture & urban Planning… 
  • At least 2 years of experience with discussions facilitation, outreach/community engagement and moderation
  • Previous experience working in the civil society context in non-profit structures (CSO, social business etc)
  • Proven experience and knowledge in the field of local governance and advocacy
  • Having a vehicle is appreciated but not mandatory (frequent traveling within Lebanon will be required)

Technical & soft skills:

  • Computer literate in Microsoft Office applications & communication tools (Zoom, Whatsapp…)
  • Fluent in Arabic and English (oral and written)
  • Good understanding of the Lebanese context and impact of national & regional crisis in general (and on local communities)
  • Strong leadership capabilities: ability to mobilize local communities
  • Ability to work in multicultural & diverse environments and sensitivity to conflicts
  • Excellent interpersonal, team spirited and communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and logical thinking supported by strong analytical skills
  • Ability to bear flexible working hours, including attending evening meetings in implementation areas and during weekends if needed (depending on the beneficiaries i.e local authorities & actors schedule)



Selection criteria:

The consultant will be selected based on competitiveness and quality of the C.V and financial offer. They will be paid upon successful completion of the commissioned work according to an agreed schedule and terms.


How to apply

Kindly submit the following documents to: [email protected] with reference “CO-Mod-01” in the subject line:

  1. CV
  2. Proposal: one-page offer specifying the following:

1/ Detailed contact information and expression of interest for the commissioned tasks, mentioning if a private vehicle is available

2/ Financial offer: Daily rate of consultant in USD currency (all inclusive) and number of expert days expected to deliver the assignment

Application deadline: August 20, 2023

Due to time constraints, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

منتهية الصلاحية
آخر مدة للتقديم
الأحد, 20. أغسطس 2023
نوع الدعوة
دعوة لتقديم الاستشارات
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
المناصرة والتوعية, الحكم الرشيد والشفافية
Remuneration range:
3000 to 4000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
To start as soon as possible for 2 months