“Call for Training Consultant (Self-paced courses in internal governance)

Entity Background 

About Transparency International - Lebanon (TI-LB), formerly known as the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA)

Transparency International – Lebanon is the National Chapter in the Transparency International global movement which was established in 1999 with the aim of reducing rampant corruption in Lebanon, promoting the principles of transparency and accountability, establishing the rule of law and respecting the fundamental rights inaugurated in international laws and the Lebanese Constitution, by focusing on systematic improvement, building alliances, and encouraging civil society organizations to take measures towards transparency and accountability. 

Since its inception, TI-LB has worked to enhance transparency in the public and private sectors in Lebanon for more than a decade, by implementing a number of projects that ranged from contributing to the development to lobbying the anti-corruption laws (such as the draft law on the Right to Access to Information, the Whistleblowers Protection Law, the Asset and Interest Declaration and the Punishment of Illicit Enrichment Law etc.), and the monitoring of parliamentary and municipal elections since 2009, in addition to other projects aimed at empowering youth and municipalities on issues related to good governance. 

In the aftermath of the Beirut Port Explosion, TI-LB was chosen as a member of the first Independent Oversight Board (IOB) for the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework (3RF) established by the United Nations, the European Union and the World Bank Group until Feb 2023. TI-LB's team currently implements a wide array of donor-funded projects and self-initiated advocacy campaigns, cantered on public procurement legislative reforms, electoral reforms and campaign financing, illicit enrichment and asset disclosure, access to information, as well as monitoring foreign aid and tracking government reforms under the 3RF framework. 

Project Background
BINA’ project brief
Funded by the European Union (EU), and in partnership with Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S) and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), BINA’ (Building Integrity and National Accountability in Lebanon) project overall objective’s is to enhance the role of civil society actors as active pillars in enhancing governance, accountability and transparency in Lebanon, as it specifically expands the abilities of civil society, both local and national, to actively monitor and advocate for transparency and accountability on the 3RF in Lebanon.

BINA’s key objectives are:
(1)    To improve the capacities of CSOs, expand organizational abilities and coordinated efforts among civil society networks to ensure transparent and sustainable implementation of the 3RF in Lebanon.
(2)    To improve capacities of local CSOs, grassroots and community-based organizations outside Beirut to participate in policy dialogues and monitoring processes related to recovery and reform at local and central level.
(3)    To sustain an inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogue with local, national and international actors that advance reform efforts, with an emphasis on the role of CSOs.

BINA’s target audience is diverse: (1) Civil Society Organizations (formal and informal) in Beirut and across Lebanon, (2) Youth groups and initiatives, (3) Women’s organizations/initiatives promoting gender equality, (4) Municipalities/Local Authorities and (5) citizens as Final Beneficiaries.

Scope of work
Under the BINA’ Program, Transparency International Lebanon (TI-LB) seeks to engage a Trainer Consultant to execute a comprehensive capacity-building initiative focusing on the theory and practice of internal governance within Local civil society organization.

The objective is to enhance the capacity of participating organizations through targeted training modules aligned with the BINA’ Program's goals. This initiative aims to cover diverse themes such as Transparency in Project Management, Transparent Financial Management, Transparent Procurement, and Transparent HR Policies.
Duration: The consultancy's duration is expanded for 2months, the number of trainings intended is 4.

Targeted Impact: The training program aims to:
•    Foster professionalism and transparency in internal mechanisms.
•    Strengthen the ability of participating organizations to sustain their operations.
•    Improve organizational capacity for sustained budgeting.

Training Format: The training sessions are developing as self-paced courses. Each course should be between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the specific needs of the participating organizations. The participants or the target audience for most of our trainings are local civil society organizations, grassroots initiatives, private sector institutions, and organizations operating under 3RF.

Duties and Responsibilities: The selected Trainer Consultant will be tasked with:
• Developing a comprehensive training methodology centered on internal governance and project management. This includes key topics such as Transparency in Project Management, Transparent Financial Management, Transparent Procurement, and Transparent HR Policies.
• Creating training materials for four self-paced courses addressing the following topics:
1.    Transparency in Project Management: Offering foundational insights into transparent project management practices, emphasizing the sharing of information, documents, decisions, and the reasoning behind these decisions with the stakeholders.
2.    Transparent Financial Management: Providing essential knowledge in transparent financial management within projects, enabling NGOs to adhere to necessary standards showcasing financial transparency.
3.    Transparent Procurement: Covering the essentials of procurement methods that enable organizations to transparently sell their services and goods, thereby mitigating corruption risks.
4.    Transparent HR Policies: Focused on transparent recruitment, salary scale disclosure, establishing a code of conduct, and implementing accountability mechanisms for all staff members. 
• Collaborating with the training coordinator on matters related to training materials, the target audience, and logistical arrangements.
• Collaborating with the video production company working on the execution of the self-paced course videos on matters related to training content, presentation and visualization, as well as reviewing of the final product in coordination with TI-Lebanon team.
• Designing pre- and post-tests for each training session to assess knowledge transfer and effectiveness.
• Development of evaluating metric for the training impact allowing TI-Lebanon's team to measure the effectiveness of the self-paced courses based on insights from TI-Lebanon's online School of Governance. 
• The trainer must cooperate with the training design company and be the one who explains in the training video; therefore, they must appear in front of the camera to articulate and clarify the training materials. Additionally, the role includes flexibility to accommodate the potential formation of a consultant team, recognizing that some individuals may excel in content preparation while others may specialize to presence in video production. This involves the ability to assemble a diverse and effective team to fulfill all aspects of the training requirements.

List of Deliverables: 
-    Content (presentations, materials, references, readings, practical exercises...)
-    Pre-test and post-test survey
-    Q&A
-    Tip Sheet for each course
-    Evaluation Metric for each course including learning objectives and indicators.

Proposal Submission

Required Competencies:
General Requirements: 
•    Demonstrated experience in delivering training programs related to internal governance, project management and other relevant materials.
•    Experience in designing and delivering asynchronous learning methods including interactive self-paced courses is a plus.
•    Strong organization, coordination, communication and facilitation skills.
•    Experience in working in the advocacy field is a plus.

Context/Specific Skills, Knowledge, and Experience: 
•    Proven track record in delivering similar trainings
•    Proven networking skills and strong experience in working with and/or influencing local CSOs. 

Selection Criteria
•    Relevance to required competencies (professional experience and proven track record)
•    Relevance of proposed methodologies of training
•    Reasonable financial proposal
•    Reasonable and actionable implementation plan and timeframe with identified milestones for delivery
•    Ability to mobilize required resources including team members, existing work and other resources


How to apply

How to Apply:

•    Interested candidates are encouraged to send the following documents to [email protected] , with “BINA’ - Training Consultancy” in the subject line:
o    CV 
o    Proposed Training methodology/curriculum
o    Timeline for customized Training Development and implementation
o    Relevant Financial Proposal that includes all costs related to the consultancy

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Remuneration range:
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2 Month