Transportation services - RFQ-PL-UW-PC-0002

Peace Labs is looking to procure transportation services from a reputable company in Lebanon, to transport the team and beneficiaries from different areas of intervention. Trips may take different itineraries in Lebanon (from Beirut to Bekaa) (from Bekaa to Mount Lebanon)( from Bekaa to South)(from Beirut to south)... hence it would be easier for suppliers to rate their service per KM. However, suppliers must take into account that a waiting period of at least 4 hours is expected during each trip.

All cars must be registered under the name of the company, or formally associated to the company. Cars must be insured.

All cars must be well maintained, and clean and have their heating/cooling system operational

The delivery cost must be embedded within the cost of the items- Peace Labs won't pay for the transportation cost separately 

How to apply

Interested applicants must fill out the attached RFQ, stamp it, and sign it before the deadline. offers must be sent Via email to [email protected]

Suppliers who are interested in applying for this call must fill out the form, convert it to PDF, and sign it. Send back the RFQ via email to [email protected].

Suppliers who provide the best offer will be awarded (Value for Money). Suppliers must have a Ministry of Finance registration number (MOF). Unregistered suppliers will be disqualified.

Suppliers must attach a copy of the registration number with the RFQ. Suppliers are expected to issue a formal stamped invoice upon delivery. Also, Suppliers must expect to sign a Goods received note (GRN) upon completion of the process.

The scoring process consists of 30% for the technical proposal and 70% for the financial proposal. Suppliers who will score 80% and above will be shortlisted.

Suppliers must be informed that Peace Labs will only pay in 15 days lead time after the delivery of the Items, through a bank transfer, or a bank letter, or a Fresh USD cheque.

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