PV Solar System Installation - SOS Children's Villages Lebanon

Required documents
The bidder shall provide the following documents (SOS might request additional documents):
a. Registration Certificate of the company.
b. Registration in the ministry of finance.
c. VAT registration certificate.
d. Company profile.
e. All insurances must be provided by the general contractor (during the tendering phase, the contractor will have to submit a signed and stamped letter stating that the contractor will provide the required insurances if awarded).
f. List of similar executed projects (a minimum of three projects).
g. Organization Chart reflecting the structure of the team who will be assigned to implement and monitor the required works and services.
h. Time schedule.
i. Material data sheets and samples.
j. Health and safety plan.

How to apply

All bids must be submitted in sealed envelope showing the project name, bidder’s name, phone number and email to the following address:
Beirut, Sin El Fil, Monseigneur Shebli street, SOS building, 3rd floor.
Note that all pages should be stamped and signed.

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