The buses will be used to transport beneficiaries within each of the following areas; Aley , Shouf , West Beqaa, Zahle. The buses will be covering the following villages:

Shouf: Ain Zhalta, Barouk, Batloun, Maasser, Khreibeh, Mrusti, Jbaa, Niha, Baadarane, Brih, Ain Wzein, Kahlounieh, Mazraet el Chouf, Haret Jandal, Ain Qani, Ammatour, Moukhtara, Jdeideh, Warhanieh 

Aley: Bmohray, Ain Dara, Mreijat, Sawfar, Badghan, Charoun, Azzounieh, Aghmid, Ramlieh, Mechkiti, Mecherfeh 

West Bekaa: Kefraya, Ain Zebdeh, Kherbet Qanafar, Aitanit, Saghbine, Bab Mareh, Machghara, Qaraoun lake villages (Sohmor, Yohmor, Jeb Jannin, Qaraoun, Tal Dnoub, Lebaya, Zlaya, Kalya, Ain El Tine, Maydoun) 

Zahleh: Qaa El Reem, Hezzerta, Qab Elias, Taalabeya  

The service

  • The bus transportation service will cover around 200 trips
  • The winning bidder will transport beneficiaries from a meeting point in each of the 3-5 villages to the training sites while ensuring the well-being of adult passengers and their children.
  • Up to 35 passengers are expected to be using the bus
  • The bidder should make sure that up to 4 buses are readily available during the agreement period.
  • The service provider should make sure that the buses are clean and regularly checked as part of the routine maintenance.
  • The service provider should collaborate closely with the program facilitators to plan efficient routes between program locations, ensuring timely arrivals and departures.

How to apply

Proposals must be submitted by hand to Al-Shouf Cedar Association headquarters at the below-mentioned address.

Al-Shouf Cedar Society HQ, Maasser El Shouf – Village square – Facing public garden (Available from 8:30 AM till 4:30 PM)

The proposal must include a technical offer (Annex 1) and a financial offer (Annex 2), which must be submitted in two separate envelopes to avoid being disqualified.

  1. Fill out the forms in Annex 1 & 2 signed and stamped.

Envelope 1: Technical offer (Annex 1)

Envelope 2: Financial offer (Annex 2)

  1. Registration certificate “MOF”
  2. VAT registration certificate


    1. Language requirements

All requested deliverables should be submitted in English or Arabic.


Procurement officer, Tarek Yazbek ; [email protected]

Project coordinator, Mira Yehya;  [email protected]


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